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We know the value of a healthier, less stressed workforce: lower healthcare costs, increased productivity, and fewer sick days foster a thriving workplace. Fitspot’s amenities programming establishes a strong company culture, encourages team-building, and increases engagement. Now that’s what we call a win-win-win.

We Drive Value for Companies Nationwide

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Fully Managed
Wellness Solution

Fitspot does all the heavy lifting from program design to marketing to logistics management.



Track employee engagement across departments and locations through our app and web-based management technology.

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Uniting Company

Get to know your colleagues. Our diverse range of wellness offerings encourages community and collaboration.


Lower Healthcare

Fitspot works intimately with your broker to track measurable results aimed to reduce healthcare costs over time.


See Fitspot in Action

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The healthy snack delivery service loves the convenience of on-site workouts, motivating employees with the help of Fitspot.


Fitspot found a way to bring wellness to everyone with a variety of programming for Bentley Mills’ LA office.

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The iconic dating app swiped right for Fitspot, and their employees couldn’t be happier!


Attracting the Modern Workforce

Companies need to get creative in order to attract this new generational group. Our e-book dives headfirst into the modern millennial workforce, answering tough questions like who comprises the millennial workforce, what the modern workforce values, and how companies can appeal to this growing generation.

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