The Future of Workplace Wellness
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Uniting Culture

We believe that people drive the wellness of companies. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the latest health and wellness programs that boost morale and increase productivity, reduce healthcare costs, and so much more.


Activating Communities

The future of workplace wellness starts here. We design and implement customized wellness experiences that increase tenant engagement, retention and lease ups.

We Fit Where You Work

Robust On-Site Wellness Offerings

Health screenings, educational workshops, fitness classes and more. Discover our robust offering of wellness programs for the modern workforce.

Fully Managed Wellness Solution

Relax, we got this. Your dedicated account management team and Certified Wellness Experts will handle everything from staffing, marketing support and logistics to customized program and facility design.

Innovative Technology

Manage programs, measure engagement and track key metrics through our cutting-edge wellness management tool.

Uniting Culture & Activating Communities Create Happy Clients

The healthy snack delivery service loves the convenience of on-site workouts and the motivation that Fitspot brings to the office.

Thanks to Fitspot, tenants of the premier Hughes Center 68-acre business center enjoy a sense of community.

Tinder Loves Getting Fit with Fitspot: The iconic dating app swiped right for Fitspot, and their employees couldn’t be happier!

Your Spot for Wellness Resources

The S.M.A.R.T. Way to Achieve Your Goals

We complete goals — large and small — every day. We brush our teeth, drive to the office, hit our sales marks, prepare for meetings, and even manage to get dinner on the table, all within 24 hours.

So, why is it so tough to hold ourselves accountable to those long-term goals we really want to accomplish? The answer: We are not being S.M.A.R.T. about the goal-setting process.

Workplace Wellness Trends for 2019

Here’s what Fitspot is predicting for workplace wellness trends this year and how you can implement these ideas at your company.

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How Can You Measure Your Workplace Wellness Program?

A solid workplace wellness program involves communicating with your employees to make sure you meet their needs, and to find out how each individual is successful.

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Hot Wellness Amenity Trends for Properties in 2019

The commercial real estate industry may be as an entity unpredictable, but each year there always stands to be a few trends that rise above the rest.

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Bringing Wellness Programs to your Workplace


Designing holistic wellness programs for companies and properties


Work Well, Live Well and Be Well with Fitspot