Our minds are a big part of our overall health. And stress is the worst possible fuel.

Stress affects our weights, diets, activity levels, happiness and plays a major factor in our risk for developing diseases and health conditions. Still, it’s not really high priority by most corporate wellness programs.

Fitspot is different because workplace wellness is different.

We’ve made stress relief a cornerstone of our approach because no one can be healthy, happy and performing their best when they’re crumbling under constant pressure. There’s a better way to live and we know how to show you.


Just a 5-20 minute chair massage at work can relieve the physical symptoms of stress as it relaxes and rejuvenates your team.


Learn how to use the basics as a tool in real workplaces. Breathing and focusing techniques lower stress significantly while making tough situations manageable.

Educational Workshops

Get to the root of stress with educational workshops that provide expert guidance in any topic: health, finance, using your benefits, diet, lifestyles and more.

Stress relief is woven into all of our workplace wellness programs as specific classes and as a general benefit. FitExperts teach your team to manage their stress by unleashing it in fitness classes, channeling it in meditation, getting to the root of it in educational workshops and working it out of the body with massage.

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