New Twists on an Ancient Art

By now, everyone knows that Yoga is basically fitness superfood. It’s the kale of workouts: extremely beneficial but still not everyone’s favorite fitness flavor.

Fitspot Yoga is a little different, and a lot of awesome. And you won’t need to bend like a pretzel.

Our expert yogis work hard to make every class unique and fun. Instead of doing the same poses every class to the tune of distant chimes, you can take high-intensity power yoga set to hip-hop music. Get spiritual with Yin Yoga. Get flexible with Vinyasa flow. Or decompress with meditational yoga.

We create the classes that your team will actually want to take, to relax, reenergize and get stronger together. Teams that sit or stand for long periods of the day will benefit from the total-body stretching and muscle engagement that prevents and relieves long-term health issues like back pain.

Best of all, no experience or coordination is required.

Your Kind of Yoga Class

FitExpert Yogis

Our trainers understand how to teach Yoga to beginners, pros and even you.

Learn The Basics

Learn poses, breathwork and strengthen muscles in any of our yoga classes.

Fun Hybrid Classes

Mix up your routine with Nama’SLAY power yoga, Meditation Yoga and more.

A World of Wellness Wonders

  • Low or High Impact
  • Build Strength
  • Learn Poses and Breathwork
  • Build a Fitness Foundation
  • Learn Body Mindfulness
  • Great Fitness for Injuries or Pregnancy
  • Tone Lean Muscles
  • Create Mind-Body Connection
  • Strengthen Core and Spine


Prevent Injury

Improve Stability

Increase Flexibility

Corrects Asymmetry and Posture

Treat Back Problems

Lower Stress

Aid Digestion

Sleep Better

Prevent Arthritis

Protects Joints and Cartilage

What Are You Waiting For?