Unbeatable Precision Toning

Target your problem areas like a sniper.

Fitspot pilates classes are low impact, mat-based, muscle-builders. Use the fundamentals of posture, core, flexibility and control, to forge total-body fitness.

Learn low-impact exercises that tone every muscle group, even internal ones, to strengthen your whole body. Get comprehensive results with deceivingly simple moves including: criss-crossing legs, roll-ups, leg circles and active stretches.

Your team will discover a whole new fitness focus as they learn how their bodies were intended to move and how to listen to it. For employees sitting or standing for long periods of the day, understand what their core is, and how to really engage it, can prevent injuries and chronic long-term health problems like back pain.

Core Components

Professional Pilates FitExperts

Learn pilates fundamentals from experts that teach, explain and correct your form.

Go with the Flow

Each 60 minute class uses a pose flow, in which every exercise leads to another.

Focus on Problem Areas

Classes and movements each target everyone’s infamous “trouble areas”.

Head-to-Toe Full-Body-Control

  • Learn Your Body’s Signals
  • Full-Body Engagement
  • Tone Lean Muscles
  • Core-Builder
  • Learn Muscle Control
  • Work Smaller Muscle Groups (Even Feet!)
  • Correct Posture
  • Relearn Body Movements
  • Aid Lower Back Pain
  • All Fitness Levels


Prevent Injury

Improve Stability

Increase Flexibility

Lower Stress

Protect Your Spine

Increase Mobility

What Are You Waiting For?