Kick Your Bod Into Shape.

Sick of crunches? Bored by cardio? Kick ‘em to the curb.

Work all of your major muscle groups using the same moves that your favorite action stars do to get ripped. Tone and tighten from head to toe with 60 minutes of bodyweight exercises using a variety of kicks, punches, weaving and blocking.

Teams that kickbox together, work better together. Take your hair down, lace up your sneakers get stronger, side by side. Blast through intense interval training, then pair up with coworkers to practice on pads as you cheer each other on in a new kind of challenge at work.

No, you won’t get to beat up a gang of ninjas together. And we don’t encourage underground fight clubs*. But you can all still get fierce, fighter bodies.

No experience or boredom required.

*Rule #1 of any good fight club is to NOT talk about it.

Rock your body. Have a blast.

Professional FitExpert Kickboxers Teach YOU

Expert kickboxers breakdown each move and the right form. Newbies welcome!

Crush Your Core

Every move keeps your core engaged, working muscles you didn’t know you had.

Hit Pads, NOT People

Don’t worry about your face, good lookin’. We don’t hit each other or spar.

Knock Out Your Fitness Goals

  • For Every Fitness Level
  • Low and High-Intensity
  • Tone Arms, Glutes, Legs and Core
  • Learn Boxing Basics: Punches, Kicks, Breathing and Stance
  • Lots of Class Variations in Every Program


Build Strength

Increase Metabolic Rate

Lower Blood Pressure

Burn Calories

Build Endurance

Heart-Strengthening Cardio

Reduce Risk of Heart Problems, Diabetes and More

What Are You Waiting For?