Real Recipes for Success

Circuit Training is the fast-paced fitness recipe for creating a leaner, healthier body.

Each timed station featuring a strength or cardio exercise is an ingredient. We put them all together in a tasty combination and tell you how long to sizzle (or simmer). Work every major muscle group, with your own bodyweight, as you move through each station at the fast pace of interval training.

Cardio stations keep your heart rate up while stretching and ab work make this one of the most effective fitness classes of all time. Sound intense? Well, sort of. “Recovery” breaks between stations and modifications let you control the intensity.

Every class is a new opportunity for coworkers to take on new challenges together, as they push and encourage one another to finish strong.

Station by Station Fitness Creation

FitExpert Trainers

Every movement is explained before you begin, all with modifications as needed.

You’re in Control

Push yourself hard or take it easy. You control the intensity at every station.

Easy-To-Understand Exercises

Keep-it-simple calisthenics: lunges, squats, planks, high knees and so much more.

More Bang For Your Fitness Buck

  • Mods for Every Exercise
  • Great for Beginners
  • Fast Pace
  • Simple Movements
  • High-Low Interval Training
  • Strength and Cardio
  • Fun Team Collaboration
  • Bodyweight Exercises


Build Lean Muscle

Lose Weight

Increase Cardiovascular Fitness

Cross Train for Anything

Lower Blood Pressure

Reduce Risk of Heart Problems, Diabetes and More

What Are You Waiting For?