That Sweet Science

Create a powerful, strong body by training like an elite athlete of the ring.

Bob, weave, duck and jab your way to a tight core as you learn boxing basics, stance, breath and core work. Go from total beginner to knowing 5-step combos.

Then, partner up with classmates and practice your new moves on pads, not each other. Teams are built and solidified as coworkers get to know each other as they pair up to channel stress and sweat together.

Maybe you’re shaking the cobwebs off of your muscles. Maybe you hate treadmills. Maybe you just want to try something fun.

It all ends the same way: burn calories, feel like a badass.

The Right Hooks

Professional FitExpert Boxers Show You the Ropes

There’s no one better to motivate and teach you real moves than real boxers.

Knock Out Your Stress

When you’re feeling like a punching bag, release aggression and feel good again

Box That Bulge Away

Every move engages, tightens and builds your core, no crunches required.

Killer Cardio Combinations

  • Great for Fitness Beginners
  • Explosive Movement for Fat-Burning
  • Full-Body Strength and Cardio
  • Target Arms and Core Trouble Areas


Boost Resting Metabolism

Increase Lean Muscle Mass

Build Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Improve Coordination and Stability

Strengthen Bones and Ligaments

Fun Fitness Builds a Wellness Foundation

Prevent Diabetes, Heart Disease and More

What Are You Waiting For?