You Are The Machine

Picture a gym where YOU are the machine. Every few feet, there’s a new military-inspired exercise station to work a different muscle group.

FitExperts design each exercise station for your team, focusing on agility, power and strength. And they’re watching at every station, helping you to do it right and giving you the motivation you need. So drop it give it all you’ve got!

Unlike circuit training, these stations aren’t timed. This intense strength training and cardio obstacle course is for anyone who likes a challenge and wants a total body transformation.

Find your limits, then push past them, with our help.

Personal Training Perfection (For Groups)

Professional FitExperts for Professional Results

Always get a balanced workout using proper form and modifications, as needed.

Targeted Toning

Blast specific muscles in classes that focus on what your team wants to improve.

Old School Moves with Fun Twists

Bodyweight calisthenics combined with agility ladders, cones, jump ropes and more.

Better Body Creation Stations

  • Mods for Every Fitness Level
  • Learn Maximum Impact Moves
  • Interval Training
  • Full-Body Strength and Cardio
  • Bodyweight Exercises
  • Variations for Targeted Toning


Boost Resting Metabolism

Increase Lean Body Mass

Lower Blood Pressure

Lose Weight

Build Overall Fitness

Increase Endurance

Heart-Strengthening Cardio

Prevent Diabetes and Heart Disease

What Are You Waiting For?