All-In-One Wellness Program


Fitspot is a fully managed wellness solution for companies and properties. Our on-site and digital workplace wellness programs and amenities engage your employees and tenants through community experiences.

How Fitspot Works

Our workplace wellness programs incorporate three essential elements:

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Fitspot’s wellness management tool and integrated digital partners deliver a synchronized experience to track engagement and analytics.

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On-site & Digital
Wellness Offerings

Fitspot’s customizable programs include on-site experiences like juice bars and fitness classes as well as digital offerings such as app-based challenges and curated content.



Fitspot is your external wellness coordinator. Your dedicated account manager will handle all logistics, marketing, and program design to take the heaving lifting off your plate.

Balancing Culture, Community, and Wellness — All in One Spot

Our on-site and digital services embody a holistic approach to wellness ensuring maximized engagement. Fitspot’s programming incorporates these five distinct pillars: nutritional wellness, physical wellness, mental wellness, financial wellness, and stress management. Within each of these pillars, we customize options to fit your workplace, offering something for everyone.

Interested in all of our wellness offerings?

5 Pillars Services page

Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness

* Fitness classes
* Yoga
* Biometric Screenings
* Sleep Management


Nutritional Wellness

Nutritional Wellness

* Juice Bars
* Trail Mix Stations
* Kombucha Happy Hours
* Nutritionist Sessions


Stress Management

Stress Management

* Meditation
* Massage
* Essential Oil Making
* Educational Workshops


Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness

* Educational Workshops
* Skill-Building
* Professional Development


Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

* Financial Literacy Programs
* Budgeting Sessions
* Enrich Partner App

Who We Service

For Companies

Foster company culture, increase engagement and improve performance by bringing wellness to your workplace.

For Properties

Build community, attract and retain tenants and activate your property with customized amenities.

See Fitspot Services in Action

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The healthy snack delivery service loves the convenience of on-site workouts and the motivation that Fitspot brings to the office.


Thanks to Fitspot, tenants of the premier Hughes Center 68-acre business center enjoy a sense of community.

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Tinder Loves Getting Fit with Fitspot! The iconic dating app swiped right and their employees couldn’t be happier!

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