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Fitspot is the leading technology-enabled amenity provider servicing office, residential and retail properties. Our customizable on-site and digital experiences offer something for everyone, creating community and collaboration.

We Drive Value for Asset Owners and Property Managers

Fully Managed
Amenities Solution

Fitspot does all the heavy lifting from program design to marketing to logistics management.


Track tenant engagement across multiple assets through our app and web-based management technology.

Creating Community

Our survey-based assessments shape programming specific to the unique needs of your tenants, ensuring maximum engagement.

Per Square Foot

Fitspot’s amenities are asset-light, quick to implement, and can be customized to fit any space.

What Makes Us Different

Fitspot seamlessly integrates our management technology with on-site services. Every property has a unique space and workforce – that’s why we build custom experiences that fit your needs.

7 Perks of Bringing Fitspot to Your Property

  • Decreased tenant turnover
  • Increased lease-ups
  • A more collaborative community
  • Ability to scale across different locations
  • Improved tenant retention rates
  • Attract today’s modern workforce
  • Keep tenants on-site

See Fitspot in Action

lincoln property company new  large

1500 K Street’s Class-A property space needed a wellness solution to engage tenants. Fitspot’s wellness amenities was the answer!


Tenants of the premier Hughes Center 68-acre business center enjoy a sense of community with Fitspot programming.


Fitspot partners with The Meridian Group to provide a comprehensive wellness program for tenants at The Boro Tysons.


Tech-Powered Amenities

In our Tech-Powered Amenities e-book, you’ll learn how technology is powering properties to engage communities.

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