At Fitspot, we believe that workplace wellness programs should focus on promoting your overall health, both physical and mental.  Our partner, Whil, believes the same. At Fitspot, we’re huge fans of Whil’s science-backed and expert-created resilience training programs. These digital programs are proven to improve not only employees’ well-being, but also business outcomes.

In this exclusive webinar, Sammy Courtright, co-founder and COO of Fitspot, and Joe Burton, founder and CEO of Whil, will discuss the importance of promoting not only wellness, but also well-being, in the workplace, and why a fusion of both is best. Other topics they’ll discuss include:

  • The difference between wellness and well-being, and why focusing on both is crucial
  • How to figure out what your employees really want in a wellness program
  • How to find providers who can build a custom program
  • How companies can convey their commitment to their employees’ well-being to help attract (and retain) top talent
  • The difference between engagement and participation (and which is better)