The office, for many people, is like a home away from home. On average, we spend most of our waking hours at work, with about four in 10 workers logging over 50 hours a week. With so much time spent in the workplace, it’s understandable that we’d want to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Having a pleasant workspace is about more than just our comfort levels. According to a recent survey conducted by CBRE, people tend to function and perform significantly better in a healthy work environment. This extends to home life, too, inspiring workers to be more conscious of their overall health and to lead a healthier lifestyle both in and out of the workplace. Read on to see how you can incorporate these findings into building a happier, healthier environment for both yourself and your employees.

  1. Find Natural Space

This one’s easier than you might think—it could be as simple as adding a potted plant to your desk or bringing greenery into the office. Having an outdoor seating area or courtyard for employees to take breaks in is another way to add a touch of nature to the office, since 76 percent of workers felt more energised and 78 percent felt happier after implementing this change.  

  1. Get the Right Lighting

Believe it or not, lighting plays an important role in your productivity and wellbeing in the workplace—especially for those of us that work in front of screens. Having circadian lighting and/or access to daylight in the office resulted in an 18 percent improvement in performance.

  1. Focus on Healthy Nutrition

It’s no secret that maintaining a healthy diet as many benefits. At work, however, eating wholesome foods lead to a 45 percent increase in performance. Access to healthy lunches and unprocessed snacks (think nuts and fresh fruits and veggies) during the day can help employees make better decisions about their nutrition.

  1. Achieve Mental Balance

Workplace wellness includes mental health, too. Activities like yoga, massages, and power naps help workers reduce stress while improving productivity. Fitspot can help businesses incorporate these mental wellness programs into corporate life in order to improve employee performance and happiness while increasing energy by up to 66 percent.

  1. Make Time for Physical Exercise

Physical exercise can work wonders for both the mind and body. Staying active during the week lead to improvements in both performance and wellbeing while also fostering a sense of community within the office. Fitspot makes it easy to bring workouts to the workplace, with FitExperts that lead a wide variety of team fitness classes including bootcamps, circuit training, pilates, and so much more.




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