Here at Fitspot, we work with many property managers who want to find ways to boost tenant satisfaction, but how do they do that without making their own jobs harder? We know that property managers juggle a ton of tasks and responsibilities, and often, as time goes on these tend to expand beyond a scope they ever expected.

Property managers want to adapt to their tenant’s needs, but often we see that they end up taking on tasks that would be better served handed off to another qualified professional. And that’s where Fitspot comes in.

How Fitspot Can Help 

Since we understand that property managers lack the time to take on additional roles more than ever before, Fitspot helps by taking on these extra tasks and can help alleviate the workload. 

Fitspot helps property managers by taking on the responsibility of coordinating activities, planning events, and implementing programs that improve tenant happiness and retention. Our clients call us their external amenities partner. And that’s how we see this relationship– it’s a partnership where we take on all of the heavy lifting and often time-consuming tasks involved with coordinating amenities so you don’t have yet another thing on your plate. 

Taking It to the Next Level

Not only does Fitspot bring in a stellar team to help you design and implement amenities that help with tenant satisfaction and loyalty, but we take things to the next level by offering customization and metrics with our services.

What this means is that we use survey-based assessments to understand what your tenants want, and take into account their unique needs to ensure maximum engagement. 

And once we design and implement a program for your tenants, we don’t stop there. We track and evaluate the results of each amenity by tracking engagement and satisfaction across multiple channels. Fitspot’s web and mobile technology helps ensure your tenants are happy (and so are you.)

Are you interested in chatting with the Fitspot team to see how we can help implement amenities for your property? Reach out today:

Download our infographic: “Property Managers Juggle Many Tasks”



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