As COVID-19 redefines the working world, companies must look to redefine their company culture in order to keep their employees safe, happy, and healthy. Many perks that may have attracted top-talent, improved employee morale, or created a space for people to connect on a deeper level have vanished. Companies are looking for innovative ways to offer a suite of helpful and motivating perks again.

At Fitspot, we’re constantly evolving and have adapted our offering to fit the changing landscape of work, while keeping employees top-of-mind. Our high-impact programming is not only applicable, but optimized for remote working conditions. 

Fitspot is here to help you take care of, engage, and refresh your team. From personalized services and experiences to live and on-demand content, Fitspot is the must-have platform for supporting your company culture during COVID-19.

LIVE Virtual Services

Our Live Virtual Services are an innovative way to consistently offer new and enriching programs to employees and teams. We’ve added cooking classes, live music, art workshops, and more! Employees can join in live to these curated, virtual classes every week. 

On-Demand Library 

Although we’re working from home, work schedules are still hectic and busy. Fitspot’s on-demand library ensures no teammate is left out. Missed a class this week? No sweat. Access our exclusive video content anytime, anywhere.

1:1 Personal Coaching Sessions

Our offerings don’t start and stop with team virtual sessions. Fitspot also provides exclusive one-on-one virtual services for those wishing to deepen their skills or interests. We offer customized, personal sessions with any of our Experts! Whether you’re interested in strength training, building a regime to run a marathon, or looking to be a certified yoga instructor, Fitspot is here to help. Click here to schedule an appointment.


Video conferencing is an incredible way to see your colleagues, but we’re all missing the camaraderie that comes with in-person interaction. Fitspot’s Challenges allow your team to compete with each other—from step counting to a meditation challenge, your employees can look forward to new activities while checking-in with each other.

Weekly Content

Our resources go beyond our virtual library. Fitspot offers new blog posts, tips and tricks and recipes regularly to keep you in the loop and on top of the trends your employees care about.

Fitspot Store

We tapped into our Experts to provide a curated list of ‘must have’ products. From the best yoga mats to hydrating face masks, our shop gives your employees the top, vetted products to get the most out of their virtual experiences. Visit the store today.



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