When it comes to attracting (and keeping) top talent, the pressure is real to keep up and stand out as a top company. The competition out there is fierce. And especially for the up-and-coming millennial workforce, there is a high standard for what an employer offers (think unlimited vacation, remote work options or flexibility). But, that’s just one small part of what a company can do for its employees.

Today’s workforce (which is 75% Millennial) wants more than a great espresso machine in the office or a ping-pong table in the breakroom. The Millennial generation values balance and prioritizes wellness more than any generation before. They’re more likely to value a fitness class or juice bar over an indulgent lunch out. And, when your employees feel better, they perform better. As the newly-named “burnout generation” helping foster a sense of balance and well-being for your workforce can more than pay-off in the long run. 

Why it’s time to rethink programming

When you think about typical wellness programming, you may think of team yoga classes, discounted gym memberships or a pass to try a popular fitness studio. But it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to wellness programming. Why? First of all, not only are millennials considered the burnout generation, but they are also the loneliest. And loneliness and disconnection are huge problems for an employee’s well-being since these two issues are two huge mental health liabilities. 

One of the best ways to attract and engage top talent is by (yes) offering wellness programming since they value it, but also include an engaging element that allows employees to connect and foster community with one another. The key to offering successful programming is to be consistent with how often you offer something (i.e. every week or month around the same day or time) and offer a variety of activities that everyone can enjoy. An essential oil bar may be someone’s ideal activity, but another person may not be interested. Another fool-proof program to offer is something that is a social-oriented and healthy (like a healthy happy hour).

The point is to focus on programming that is healthy, but also fun and can offer an interactive way for employees to connect and reduce stress (like the four examples below). When this happens, they’re able to go back to their jobs (and lives) feeling better which means more productivity and engagement. 

4 Community-Based Programs that Engage and Attract Top Talent

Healthy Happy Hours

Everyone loves a happy hour, but sometimes a booze-filled hour is not in line with everyone’s health and wellness goals (or good for productivity). You can offer your employees a healthier option that’s still just as fun. Just getting creative with the drink options (enter: kombucha, green juice, or mocktails) and your employees can still take a break during the day or after hours to socialize, destress, and not feel gross from too many drinks. 

Stress Reduction

Stress management is essential and most people aren’t that great at it. Give your   employees a new way to learn to cope with life’s stressors by offering activities and workshops that show them how to take care of themselves and cope in healthy ways. Some great ideas for programming that tackles stress are essential oil bars, massage therapy, and educational talks. Sometimes a talk from a wellness professional for a practical tool, like health advice on how to sleep better can be a real game changer for the employee’s quality of life.

Educational Workshops

Offering your employees educational workshops and seminars that benefit their personal health and wellbeing is a smart way to engage and offer value. Popular workshop topics include seminars on financial wellness, nutrition, and general professional development topics. These are things your employees are interested in, but sometimes lack time or resources to do so on their own.

Volunteer/Service Events

Many people value giving back to the community but find it hard to carve out the time to do so with busy workweek schedules. Giving your employees some time during the workweek to give back is one way to give your team a break and foster a team-building atmosphere. Not only does giving back help people feel better, but it’s a great way for team members to bond outside of the office. One of our clients recently did a service-day where the Fitspot team led the employees in making homeless packs filled with toothbrushes, deodorant, body wipes, water bottles, and protein bars to deliver to the homeless community. This is just one example, but the opportunities are endless whether you want to stay on site or go out into the community together. 

By offering your employees well rounded, engaging wellness programming you can attract and retain the best people. Bottom line–the millennial workforce expects quality programs and amenities at work, but they value balance, community and wellness more than most. Strike a good balance of all three, and your company will benefit immensely. 


Sammy is the COO and Co-Founder of Fitspot. Sammy is an attention-to-detail aficionado who brings a blend of grit and imagination to the zillions of tasks that confront every startup. She has always thrived in operations, working as a production assistant in LA and managing operations in the fashion industry. Sammy wears many hats at Fitspot, doing everything from sketching app screens to managing the customer experience. Sammy has a B.F.A. from the University of Miami, and hails from Australia.


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