We all love a refreshing juice to start the day, and that’s why Fitspot created our Juice Bar wellness experience.

What to Expect

We do the work for you! Fitspot partners with a local juice vendor in your city, you pick out your flavors, and we’ll bring the juice on-site.

We’ll choose a high foot traffic area in order to get the most engagement at your property or company. A Fitspot employee will be on-site during the event, pouring juice samples, and manning the table.

After the event, you’ll keep the extra juice, and we’ll pack everything up.

Why a Juice Bar?

Instead of bringing donuts or bagels into the office, juice is a healthy option for breakfast. When your employees and tenants are on the move, it’s easy to grab a cup of juice and go! Plus, juice is a fast and easy way to pack in a few servings of fruits and vegetables.

We’ll drink to that!

Download our infographic to find out the health benefits of different juice ingredients. 


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