What Does Workplace Wellness Look Like in 2019? We’re on the cusp of 2019, and with it, we’ve seen a myriad of articles about the top workplace wellness trends. Last year, personalized solutions, holistic wellness, and the integration of technology and wellness were part of the trends.

Below, we share what Fitspot is predicting for workplace wellness trends in 2019 and how you can implement these ideas at your company.

Workplace Wellness as a One-Stop-Shop

Workplace wellness is spanning beyond the gym. Companies want more than just fitness classes and that’s what job seekers are looking for. The competition to attract talent is high, so companies that can provide a robust portfolio to address mental, physical, nutritional and even financial wellness will hold the most appeal.

Try the Trend: With Fitspot, we offer this comprehensive approach to on-site and virtual wellness programs that are centered around five pillars of wellness.

More Than Just Three Meals a Day

With shifting work schedules beyond the 9-to-5 grind, employees often aren’t having the time for a full breakfast, lunch or dinner. Instead, elevated snacks are incorporating organic, fair trade and all-around unique ingredients into easy to eat, on-the-go options.

Try the Trend: One way Fitspot ties together healthy eating in the workplace is through wellness experiences such as kombucha happy hours, trail mix bars stocked with high-protein nuts and dried fruits, and juice bars featuring local juices. Fitspot also partners with Zipongo, an app that helps people make smarter food choices by personalizing grocery lists, suggesting menu items at restaurants, and more.

An Increase in Mental Wellness Offerings

It’s no surprise that employees are being more outspoken about their mental health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about $1 trillion in productivity is lost each year from anxiety and depression alone. And in the U.S., 20% of adults are diagnosed with a mental illness each year. Employees are looking for companies to promote better mental health. One such way could be to provide support through mental wellness experiences.

Try the Trend: Fitspot clients can sign up for meditation sessions, mindfulness workshops, and yoga classes, all aimed at slowing down the mind after a long day of work. Fitspot also partners with Whil, a mindfulness and resilience tool, to provide licenses to companies so that employees can reduce stress on their own time, all through an app.

Relax and Stretch It Out with Assisted Stretching

Tying into mental wellness, employees are looking for more hands-on ways to relax and release tight muscles. Athletes, weekend warriors, and even sedentary employees will reap the benefits of assisted stretching. This involves one-on-one stretching with a licensed therapist. These assisted stretch moves can improve mobility, flexibility, and relieve aches and pains. Another way to improve mobility and cause myofascial release is through cupping, foam rolling, and trigger point massage.

Try the Trend: Fitspot’s brought cupping to our clients at wellness fairs, and just 10 minutes have been shown to relieve tension in the back and neck.

Group Exercise for Engagement 

Research from MINDBODY into people’s attitudes towards group fitness found that half (50%) of regular gym-goers believe working out with someone else increases their fitness motivation. Accountability is key, so when coworkers see others working out, they’ll be interested in joining in. Group exercise isn’t going anywhere, according to the American College of Sports Medicine’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, group training rated as the number two fitness trend for 2019.

Try the Trend: Fitspot’s fitness classes are specific to group exercise, ranging from kickboxing to circuit training to yoga, so it’s easy to pick something you like.

Finances Are No Longer Taboo

Financial stress is a real thing. According to the American Psychological Association, over 3/5 of Americans cited “money” as their biggest cause of stress—accounting for 70-95 percent of doctor visits. When companies are proactive in providing financial resources, employees will be more invested in their job, and will know how to spend their hard-earned cash better.

Try the Trend: Fitspot’s partner Enrich offers a personalized financial wellness program, complete with interactive tools to plug in finances and money quizzes, all available online.


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