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There’s a dynamic change happening in the workplace, and it has to do with today’s modern workforce. Younger workers have a radically different way of working than their older counterparts, and that’s having an enormous effect on office spaces and buildings. Companies want to know: how can you attract this modern workforce with modern amenities?

In our webinar, Shaping Up the Workplace, you’ll join CEO & Founder of Transcend, Patrick Braswell, and COO & Co-Founder of Fitspot, Sammy Courtright, as they share their expert insights on how you can create a more active and healthy workplace for this new, modern workforce and how landlords can activate gyms, lobbies and other shared spaces to achieve better ROI on capital investments.


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About Our Hosts


Patrick Braswell is the CEO of Transcend, a commercial real estate brokerage firm that seamlessly transcends companies into a space that reflects their culture and inspires growth. Patrick knows what his tenants want in order to attract millennial workers: an active, vibrant atmosphere, collaborative work spaces, gym facilities, and more.

Sammy Courtright is the COO and Co-Founder of Fitspot, your destination for workplace wellness—all in one spot. This includes Fitness, Education, Screenings and Tech for health, happiness, and a better bottom line.



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