The use of space in the workplace is changing. The future of the workplace is now, and due to the modern millennial workplace, the new generation wants a workplace with more than a gym. At Fitspot, we customize space based on your needs!

So what kind of wellness experience do you want?

  • For relaxing experiences to handle mental wellness and stress management: opt for quiet spaces in rooms or hidden corners.
  • For juice bars, fitness classes or other experiences where you’re looking to get more engagement from tenants, opt for high foot traffic areas. That will pique interest of tenants walking by, and is a great way to show off the wellness experiences you’re offering.
  • When the temperatures are right, host workout classes outdoors in your common spaces. You’ll reap the benefits. 

Get more tips on how you can make wellness work in any workplace, regardless of space. Watch the full webinar here!


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