For many of us, the office is our home away from home. Not only do we carry out our daily tasks here, but we eat our meals, form friendships, and socialize in workplace. We spend the majority of our waking hours in the office, making it a unique environment that facilitates growth and productivity—or at least, it should.

In reality, the office can be more stressful than it is soothing. Research shows that 65% of Americans cite work as their top source of stress, while only 37% of employees say they have the resources to help manage their stress. Stress, as we know, can be a major contributor to decreased job satisfaction, low morale and poor productivity rates—not to mention, a whole slew of health problems.

Companies and property owners are taking steps to combat these effects through the integration of office amenities. A survey conducted by HqO reported that workers place a high value on amenities ranging from health and wellness offerings, food options, networking opportunities, and convenience services. Offering some or all of the above can help improve office morale in the following ways:

Health & Wellness

HqO’s study noted that 62% of tenants desired offerings related to fitness and wellness, such as onsite gyms, nutritionists and workout classes. Whether you’re a company looking to kick off a few wellness programs or a property owner looking to provide fitness options to tenants, adding these amenities can help reduce employee and tenant turnover alike, while also boosting a sense of community and wellbeing. Read: endorphins!


It’s no secret that technology is instrumental in workplace advancement. But also plays an important part in attracting the modern workforce and fostering employee connectivity. Millennial workers grew up using the latest technology, and they expect to have it in the workplace. Property managers, for example, can do this simply by providing technology to tenants. Many workers like having information at their fingertips, with 30.3% desiring a technology to discover upcoming events in and near their office building and 38.9% wanting a tech solution that lets tenants into the building or parking garage without a key card. Having the latest tech offerings in your building or office is one way to help employees reach their full potential.

Flexible Workspaces

Technology has also allowed employees a greater freedom in terms of where they work and when. Working remotely might not be an option for every company, but having different, dedicated spaces can give workers a much-needed change of pace throughout the day. After all, no one likes being cramped in a tiny cubicle all day long! Open, collaborative workspaces, onsite coffee shops and outdoor options are just a few ways companies and properties can provide today’s modern workforce with the options they need to succeed.



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