“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

1. Wellness: “the quality or state of being healthy”

2. Well-being: “the state of being happy, healthy, or successful”

At Fitspot, we believe that wellness programs should not only focus on your physical health, but also promote your overall well-being, which encompasses both physical and mental health. We believe it’s time for employers to cater to the “whole employee,” not just physical wellness.

Our partner, Whil, believes the same. Through their digital resilience training programs, Whil helps improve not only employees’ well-being but also business outcomes.

Watch the exclusive webinar here. Sammy Courtright, co-founder and COO of Fitspot, and Joe Burton, founder and CEO of Whil discuss the importance of promoting not only wellness but also well-being, in the workplace. Other topics they’ll discuss include: 

  • The difference between wellness and well-being, and why focusing on both is crucial

  • How to figure out what your employees really want in a wellness program

  • How to find providers who can build a custom program

  • How companies can convey their commitment to their employees’ well-being to help attract (and retain) top talent

  • The difference between engagement and participation (and which is better)