While “corporate wellness” seems to be a popular buzzword nowadays, this trend in business health isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, as we head further into 2017, corporate wellness is only gaining more and more momentum with companies large and small all over the world.

With this much staying power, it means wellness programs are doing something right for the businesses that implement them. In this post, we’ll be discussing exactly what those trends are so that you can make corporate wellness work for your organization, too (and increase your bottom line).


Healthy Work Space

Many companies today are choosing to think outside the box when choosing or creating their office space. Some may offer creative collaborative spaces that promote teamwork and collaboration, on-site gyms which make physical fitness much more convenient, and fresh cafeterias that serve health-conscious options.

Workplace wellness begins in the office, so making sure the environment is one that promotes health is a fantastic place to begin your company’s wellness program. While fancy workplaces and on-site gyms aren’t exactly inexpensive, there are things you can do on any scale to implement changes such as swapping unhealthy vending machine food for healthier alternatives or clearing out a section of the office for weekly yoga sessions.


Focusing on Mental Health and Stress

Another big starting point for wellness programs is mental health. You’d be hard pressed to find one employee in the working world who has never had a stressful day or struggled with mental health—since at least one in five people suffer from mental health issues in America each year. Implementing strategies to improve mental well-being while reducing stress can help promote productivity and overall well-being in employees.

While mental health is difficult to monitor in others, a good place to start is having resources on hand within the office should anyone need them, as well as providing information and ways to seek help in case it is needed.


Wearable Technology

To put it simply: Technology is fun! And what better way to bring fun to health and wellness in the workplace? Subsidizing wearable health technology is a fantastic way to not only entice employees to participate in wellness programs, but a motivator to help them achieve their personal health goals.

To make them even more useful, if your team participates in fun office boot camps, competitions, or even weekly training sessions, wearables are a great way for them to track their progress on an individual level, as a team, and to promote team-building competition.


Health-Centered Connectivity

The last wellness trend has run around the block a few times: the wellness portal. These portals are still essential (if a bit underutilized) tools to promote health and wellness within a company. These portals can provide essential information about physical health, mental well-being, and nutrition with the quick click of a button.

Additionally, as more organizations promote flexible schedules and remote positions, these portals are as essential as ever and can help get employees involved with wellness programs with added convenience.

While these four trends are certainly solid places to start, they are by no means the be all and end all of corporate wellness. At Fitspot, you have the ability to implement fantastic wellness programs that allow for high customization for a wide range of needs. If you’re ready to bring these proven wellness trends to your business, contact us today and we’ll get you started.




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