TIP – Meditation

Meditation is a practice that encourages you to become aware of your body and your mind, allowing you to free yourself from your conscious (and sometimes unconscious) anxieties. It’s more than sitting still and trying not to think of anything. Rather, meditation teaches you to know yourself so that you may better understand what brings you peace (and what might be standing in the way of that).

Like any exercise, practice makes perfect. It can be complicated and challenging at the beginning, but with time it can become a rewarding habit that improves multiple aspects of your life. Eliminating stressors is good for your mind as well as your body, which can often experience the manifestations of your worries. Tense neck and shoulders, insomnia, and digestive problems are just a few of the side effects of stress, which can cause long term problems and derail your fitness journey.


Where to Start

If you practice yoga, you may already be familiar with a form of meditation – resting in shavasana. But if you aren’t sure where to begin, consider the following:

* There is no right or wrong way to meditate. It may take a few sessions to become comfortable, so stick with it! It isn’t for everyone, so dedicate yourself to meditating for one month before deciding it isn’t for you.

* Eliminate distractions like disruptive sounds or lighting. Silence works for some, but soft music works for others. Some prefer darkness, and some prefer ambient lighting. Experiment with what makes you most comfortable.

* Find a comfortable position – it can be laying on the floor (in shavasana), sitting comfortably in a chair, or sitting cross legged on a comfortable pillow.

* Begin in short increments and increase as your ability to focus improves. If you have trouble, try using an app (like Stop, Breathe & Think) for guided meditation practices.

* Try to practice at the same time each day. If you find that you wake up worried about the day ahead of you, try meditating before you head to work or school. If you have trouble sleeping because your mind is swirling with to-do lists and chores, give meditation a shot before bed.

* While meditating, check in with yourself. Note any worries you have or parts of the body that feel heavy or strained. Focus on relaxing those muscles, and resolve to address your worries moving forward.

* Breathing is important. Breathe evenly and deeply. No matter where your mind wanders, return to your breath. This will help you focus and remain clear-headed.

After meditating, congratulate yourself. Be proud of what your mind has accomplished, and approach the coming day with an attitude of gratitude.

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