Most of you probably know that wellness programs are advantageous to companies. However, the biggest hurdles in implementing them are often the very people who would benefit from the program most: employees. In this post, we’ll guide you through getting your employees on board and excited, so both they and your company can reap the many benefits of wellness programs.


1. Keep it Local

Every day, employees commute to work and back again, week after week after week. Additionally, they also make stops to run errands, buy groceries, pick up children— the list goes on. The last thing many of them want to do is add yet another pit-stop to their list, like the gym or an offsite wellness activity.

The solution? Host wellness activities on-site! This can be done easily by encouraging employees to bring mats and rearranging a meeting room into a yoga or pilates space. The same can be done for types of cardio and Zumba programs as well. By eliminating an extra destination, it becomes much more convenient and enticing for employees to participate in wellness program activities.


2. Timing & Convenience

 When it comes to fitness, there is a mountain of excuses for why it just doesn’t work for someone. We like to swat excuses to the ground!

The number one excuse we get is that the office doesn’t have showers, the team doesn’t want to be sweaty. But you don’t need to have locker rooms and showers on-site. All you have to do is schedule the low or no intensity workouts in the morning or at lunch, then the high intensity workout right after work.


3. Help Employees Socialize and Compete


There is nothing like the effects of socialization. Humans crave social interaction and need it to thrive. Take that instinct and use it in your wellness program. Socialization is a powerful tool that provides a way to connect and engage as a community. This can strengthen bonds and enrich company culture, not to mention increase collaboration and productivity during the workday.

Another powerful aspect of socialization is competition. We like to compare and compete, whether it be with each other or simply ourselves. By offering fun competitions and enticing prizes or incentives, your employees will gladly welcome the opportunities that wellness programs bring.


4. Utilize Dynamic Data

When it comes to health, many of us are driven by data. Assessments, goals, monitoring, and statistics are perfect ways to generate even more excitement to a wellness program. Many programs, ours included, will first assess employee’s overall health and help them set both short and long-term goals. Throughout the course of the program, progress data and real results can be analyzed to motivate participants to achieve these goals and to later determine new ones.

Additionally, data can be tied into the competitive aspect above, allowing for fun incentives to compete with ourselves and each other. Goal setting and socialization will allow participants to work together to motivate and work toward their respective or group-centered goals as well.


What Can Fitspot Do For You?

As if the above reason weren’t enough, Fitspot can help get your employees even more excited for wellness programs. We do this by providing a wealth of activities and programs customized just for them. We lead low-energy activities like mindful yoga and stretching, high-energy activities like kickboxing and boot camps, and several in between! 

Companies like Buzzfeed and Livestrong love what we do for their teams, why not let us help yours? If you’re ready to create the perfect program to you your team excited and active, then contact us today and let’s get started!




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