Drinking fruit infused water offers several health benefits and healing properties that are key in maintaining proper bodily functioning and optimal health. Significant rewards include improved hydration, enhanced transportation of nutrients and oxygen in the body, increased energy, better digestion, softer and smoother skin and a boosted metabolism! 


Hydration is one primary advantage, as many of us are dehydrated on a daily basis and don’t even know it. In fact, according to a BMC Public health study, 83 percent of women and 95 percent of men failed to meet the daily recommendations for water intake. Infusing water with fruit adds such a flavorful and refreshing zest, that it will surely entice you to drink more water. Fruits are also naturally rich sources of electrolytes such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium, which are crucial for maintaining the proper water balance in our cells and preventing dehydration. Citrus fruits and cucumbers are particularly a great source of electrolytes. It’s not surprising why lemon-cucumber water is such a popular recipe to try!


When our bodies are more hydrated, oxygen and nutrients flow to all of the right places that need it most – our organs and muscles. Our organs become less strained, our muscles will feel more energized and our joints become more lubricated. Proper hydration also helps to regulate body temperature and maintain optimal levels so you never feel too hot or cold. The body is then capable of functioning at its highest performance with improved cognition and mental alertness. You will experience less muscle fatigue and heightened energy for more efficient and longer workouts!


Another easy reason to love the idea of drinking fruit infused water is that it controls your appetite while also stimulating your metabolism and can help you reach your weight loss goals faster. The colder the water the better, since it has been proven that cold water promotes thermogenesis (the process in which our bodies produce heat), which speeds up metabolism rate. Natural fruits also contain much less sugar than sweetened beverages such as soda and fruit juice, so you can still enjoy that refreshing sweet taste without the added calories. Remember, thirst is commonly mistaken for hunger and can lead many of us to overeat. Try drinking a glass of fruit-infused water the next time those initial hunger cravings start. You may find you are not quite as hungry as you thought!


Contrary to popular belief, stomach discomfort in the form of gas, heartburn or GERD is more often the cause of having too little stomach acid, versus too much. Our bodies rely on stomach acid for the proper breakdown of food. When acidity levels are off, the result is increased inflammation in the stomach, which thereby pushes stomach acid upwards into the esophagus, where it’s not intended to be! Fruit-infused water, especially, lemon-infused water is a quick and simple way to balance the pH level of your stomach and aid digestion. Also, drinking more water will enable your body to flush out toxins at a fluid pace.


Our skin is our best defense but daily wear and tear can leave it looking drained and tired. Through an array of detrimental environmental factors, including the overconsumption of coffee, alcohol and medications, which contribute to dehydration on a daily basis, and over exercising, our skin is often left in need of some major TLC. Drinking fruit infused water will rehydrate and reinvigorate your skin with its powerful antioxidants, leaving you with a softer, smoother and more supple complexion. The result? You will look younger! 


By drinking fruit infused water, you are drinking additional natural ingredients that also contain water – a win-win for your body and mind. Try adding these two power fruits to your water for a healthier day.


Lemons are a fantastic source of vitamins C and B, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Make it a part of your daily routine by drinking lemon infused water and enjoy its many health benefits, including:

  • Supports heart health
  • Helps control weight
  • Improves digestive health and helps reduce gas and bloating
  • Reduces cancer risk
  • Eases inflammation in your joints
  • Provides a much-needed energy boost
  • Repairs your skin and improves complexion
  • Protects against anemia
  • Prevents kidney stones


These tasty berries are rich in vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. They also contain polyphenols, which may help prevent cardiovascular disease. This low-calorie fruit includes cancer fighting properties and can also help:

  • Improve cardiovascular and brain health
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Fight infections
  • Boost immunity
  • Keep your skin healthy
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Improve cognitive and motor skills

Preparing fruit infused water at home is easy. Start with cold, filtered water, then choose your combination of fruits, slice the ingredients and add to the water. The more fruit you add and the longer you let it infuse, the stronger the flavors will be. Here’s a list of some creative fruit combinations to try that will be sure to leave you thirsting for more!

  • Cucumber, strawberry, basil
  • Cucumber, kiwi
  • Strawberry, lime, mint
  • Strawberry, lemon, basil
  • Orange, blueberry
  • Orange, cucumber
  • Orange, cilantro
  • Watermelon, peach, ginger
  • Watermelon, mint
  • Mango, nectarine, mint
  • Blackberry, lime, basil
  • Rosemary, grapefruit
  • Honeydew, raspberry, lime
  • Pineapple, ginger

Keep your water refrigerated while infusing, then remove the fruit after your desired time (no more than 12 hours).  All that’s left to do is enjoy!

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