As a property manager, you probably are juggling multiple tasks. From property maintenance to rent collector, accountant to market analyst, it can be exhausting to manage everything yourself. High on your list of priorities is finding tenants and retaining tenant happiness. And if you’re new in your role, you’re trying to build rapport in the building.

Lucky for you, you’re not alone. Fitspot has a workplace wellness program that spans beyond individual companies and can be implemented for your entire property. We can coordinate wellness activities, plan wellness events and special programs.

As for budget, our plan will fit into your specific needs. Download Fitspot’s one-sheeter here.  And read on to find out what tasks we can take off your plate.

Gym & Facilities Manager

Do you have a gym but aren’t utilizing it? Or a cool rooftop that doesn’t seem to get used? We’ll survey your space and find a way to fit it with your needs. Maybe we can help your tenants better understand how to use the weight room in your gym with personal training open hours, or we can turn a seldom-visited space into the spot for healthy happy hours.

Event & Space Planner

It can be exhausting to plan special events, and sometimes there may not even be a large turnout, making all the effort feel useless. Fitspot uses an in-app schedule to promote events to your tenants, so they won’t miss what they are bound to love. Our events span beyond a typical happy hour with activities for any time of day. Try a morning smoothie bar, an afternoon trail mix bar, or a kombucha happy hour.

Fitness & Wellness Coordinator

You’ve got the space for fitness programming, now how will you use it? Fitspot will work and find out what type of on-site programming will work best for your tenants and create a custom fitness schedule. This could include boxing and circuit training group classes, or yoga and massage sessions. Our staff will take care of equipment delivery and storage, so all you have to do is get your tenants to show up!

Tenant Happiness & Appreciation Specialist

Now that Fitspot has managed your gym space, planned special events and coordinated fitness and wellness programs, let’s tie it all together. With educational workshops centered around nutrition and diet, healthy habits, and fitness, our programming will positively impact your tenants’ lifestyles, which in turn will make them happier.



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