The health and wellness industry is booming, and individuals aren’t the only ones taking notice. These days, businesses are pouring resources into this thriving trend in hopes of improving workplace morale and productivity, reducing healthcare costs and turnover, and attracting and retaining the modern millennial workforce.

Why should property managers care about wellness as an amenity? The answer is in the numbers. Wellness real estate is now a $134 billion industry worldwide and is expected to reach $180 billion by 2022, according to the Global Wellness Institute. Creating a “wellness culture” within offices and properties is now a surefire way to attract innovative, profitable tenants while also reducing turnover.

It’s true that about 36 percent of millennial workers want a gym at their place of work, yet only 15 percent of offices have access to one. Adding wellness amenities can give properties a competitive edge. In a market where companies want to attract Millennials, property managers should make the most out of real estate space.

Fitspot makes integrating today’s most coveted amenities simple and achievable. We make workplaces come to life with fun, hands-on experiences such as fitness classes, healthy happy hours, cooking classes, and educational workshops on topics like financial wellness and mindfulness.

Here’s how Fitspot makes it easy for property managers to bring customized experiences to your property:

Cost-Effective Per Square Foot

When factored into the operating costs of a building, the cost per square foot of having a fully managed onsite wellness program is cents per month. Thanks to value and visibility, Fitspot’s amenities deliver a strong ROI to property managers when it comes to attracting and retaining tenants.

Fully Managed by Fitspot

We take the work off your plate. From the start, Fitspot surveys your tenants to find out what amenities they want, and then we create a customized program. Your dedicated account manager staffs wellness experts for all sessions and coordinates equipment delivery and storage. That way you can focus on your job as a property manager, and let us do the work.

Access Our Technology

Our customized app and web-based technology features an admin and tenant portal that can easily integrate with your current portal. View the upcoming schedule, sign up for events, log points for virtual challenges and sync wearables to track stats, such as calories burned and steps taken.

Create Buzz

We provide marketing to spread the word and boost excitement. From emails to posters, to digital signage, our goal is to increase awareness and boost attendance.

Build Community

When we bring our customized amenities on-site, your tenants will naturally form a tighter-knit community, as they come together and connect through experiences. This helps improve retention rates and tenant satisfaction.


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