We’re told time and time again how crucial it is to get and stay active throughout the week. This advice is especially important for employees who may lead a fairly sedentary life at work, or who may be suffering from posture stresses.

A little-known fact, however, is that simple stretching is also a way to unlock benefits of mobility and exercise on a much smaller and easier scale. Incorporating stretching into a corporate wellness plan has several benefits that greatly enhance employee wellness, performance, and positively impact the workplace overall.


The Workday’s Toll on the Body

stress on body at work

Throughout the day, many employees subject their body to posture stresses. These stresses can include pain in the neck, upper and lower back, hip pain or stiffness, or even general fatigue. While there are more conditions that come from workplace posture stresses, these are by far the most common.

An employee’s workday activities greatly dictate what kind of posture stresses they incur. Sitting all day in a forward motion can impact the back and shoulders, keeping the head turned in a  fixed position to see a computer screen impacts the neck, and improper lifting, sitting, and standing can impact joints in the hips and legs.

It’s also no secret that most office workers are active very few times throughout the day, which can cause both the body and mind to become easily fatigued in addition to incurring posture stresses.


Benefits of Stretching

Stretching program at work


Stretching helps keep us flexible, we know this, but it also helps to correct posture, alleviate pain, and boost energy levels. This is due to the increased blood flow and circulation to the brain from stretching, as well as the nutrients delivered to muscles in the process.

Stretching often can also improve our balance, lower blood sugar, and even help us de-stress—which is a necessary benefit in the workplace. For corporate wellness programs that already include workouts in their plan, stretching can also help employees get the most from their sessions and prevents workout-related injuries as well.



How to Stretching Benefits the Workplace

When considering the many benefits of stretching on an individual, it’s easy to see how they connect directly to the office. Employees who are more awake and alert will lend more focus and concentration to their tasks.

Because stretching alleviates pain and helps improve overall health, employees won’t be distracted by aches and pains throughout the day. This is especially helpful for tasks which include sitting at a desk all day in uncomfortable positions. Stretching will rejuvenate the body and mind, and provide relief to posture stresses.

In addition to gaining energy from stretching, the impact the activity has on stress is another major key for the workplace. With mounting deadlines, endless meetings, and a ton of work on their plate, employees could certainly use a stress-busting activity throughout the day. Stretching provides this and can greatly enhance mood and help employees de-stress in less than five minutes.


Bring Stretching Benefits to Your Business

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If you’re ready to bring yoga to your business and enhance productivity, improve your bottom line, and simply create a better place to work, then let Fitspot help you get started today! We make it easy to bring fitness to your employees.




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