Fitspot’s five pillars are the guide to our programming, and are derived from the Wellness Institute’s “six dimensions of wellness.” These pillars focus on a holistic approach to wellness, taking into consideration the health of a person’s body and mind.

You may be wondering why we changed our pillars. Previously, we included a stress management and mental wellness pillar. We’ve bundled those together into Emotional Well-Being.

“It’s so important to focus on the whole employee, not just their fitness and nutrition goals,” says Fitspot’s co-founder Sammy Courtright. ” A majority of Americans are stressed out from working too much. So when we can bring wellness to their workplace, we can meet people where they are at in their wellness journey. They may need to reduce stress instead of work out, and Fitspot can do both.”





Learn about diet and nutrition to develop healthy eating habits. The Nutritional pillar includes healthy eating and food-related events to keep your body functioning at its best.

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Care for your body to help it perform at its peak. The Physical pillar includes regular fitness, preventative healthcare, adequate sleep and anything that makes your body feel well.

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Understand how to handle emotions and stress to enhance well-being. The Emotional Well-Being pillar includes self-care, relaxation, mental wellness, and stress reduction to strengthen mental wellness.

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Cultivate relationships and interactions with others to build up your community. The Social pillar includes volunteering and community events to enhance social needs.

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Successfully manage finances to eliminate financial barriers. The Financial Wellness pillar includes workshops, budgeting, 401K, and IRA management to improve financial responsibility.

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