35 percent of the workforce are millennials. This generation, along with Gen Z, wants a workplace with perks that go beyond a gym. So how do you make that happen and provide a space that encourages your tenants to step away from the hustle and bustle of the workday? As a property, you can provide a truly unique experience by choosing the right space for any wellness experience you want to offer. 

If you’re drawn away from workplace wellness programs because you don’t know where to host experiences, Fitspot’s team of experts can help you find a space that works.

To Relax

Experiences: Massages, Meditation

Choose a quiet space, ideally closed off or away from foot traffic and the hustle and bustle of tenant life. With massages and meditation, you’ll want tenants to truly disconnect from the work day, so a private space is ideal. Fitspot’s massage therapists often bring relaxing music and an essential oil diffuser, which give a feeling of escape.

Prime Locations: an empty conference room, an empty office, a hidden corner of the common room

To Learn

Experiences: Educational Workshops, Nutritional One on Ones, Lunch n’ Learns

You’ll want to make sure there is adequate seating for any type of learning experience, so opt for a spot with plenty of chairs, sofas, etc. For lunch n’ learns, a table is helpful for people to comfortably eat lunch. Many of Fitspot’s educational workshops include presentations, so be sure to check for a projector in the room.

Prime Locations: a conference room, a common area

To Interact

Experiences: Juice Bars, Trail Mix Stations, Kombucha Happy Hours, Essential Oil Blending

Choose high foot traffic areas to get the most engagement from these interactive wellness experiences. The key to success here is to bring your tenants together and foster a sense of community. And if tenants don’t check their emails, hosting these wellness experiences in a busy spot will likely encourage curiosity from those walking by.

Prime Locations: a lobby, a common area, a space near the cafeteria

To Work Out

Experiences: fitness classes, yoga

Even if you don’t have a gym, Fitspot can help find a spacious location for our fitness classes. Whether your property is hosting circuit training or kickboxing, yoga or pilates, nice weather in spring or fall is a perfect time to take workouts outside. In cold winter or hot summer temperatures, an empty conference room or fitness studio can provide enough space for both equipment and people in motion.

Prime Locations: the on-site gym, a nearby park, an open rooftop, a courtyard


What’s your space challenge? Get in touch with Fitspot and we’ll help you plan wellness experiences in the spaces that work for you!





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