Are you a property owner or manager that wants to offer wellness amenities, but you’re worried you don’t have space or don’t know where to start? Not to worry! Fitspot’s latest e-book shares how you can create wellness spaces at your property, inside and out.

Why is wellness space as an amenity important?

Wellness real estate is made up of commercial and residential properties that incorporate intentional wellness elements into building design, amenity oerings, and services. By strategically designing your property’s spaces for success, you can positively impact your tenants’ well-being. If 85 percent of employees think workplace design is essential, it’s in your best interest to find innovative ways to improve the workplace environment.

Wellness real estate accounts for a $134 billion industry.

Where we work and live afffects our well-being, so your environment should support work/life balance and employee’s health. Studies show that 36 percent of employees want wellness amenities as part of their workplace. Fitspot’s wellness management tool touches on several aspects to build up well-being, from healthy eating to mindfulness, fitness training, and personal communication. To attract the modern workplace, tenants are looking for properties with offerings that span beyond the gym.

Download our free e-book “Shape Your Property’s Space” and find out:

  • What you can add indoors at your property to improve well-being.
  • Why you should get your tenants outdoors.
  • The top wellness amenities and the perks to having them at your property.
  • Creative ways to use space for fitness programming.

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