Fitspot isn’t your average workplace wellness company. Sure, we provide top wellness experts to teach yoga, circuit training, and more right at your office (equipment and encouragement included). But Fitspot’s unique wellness offerings encompass a lot more than that. 

At Fitspot, we know that making healthy decisions doesn’t end when you walk out of the office, so we’ve searched for innovative ways to enable workers to stay on track 24/7. Thanks to our third-party FitPartners, we empower your employees with tools to take their health and well-being into their own hands (literally). Keep reading to find out more about seven of our FitPartners that make up our one-of-a-kind ecosystem of virtual wellness experiences. 

Zipongo: Diet and Nutrition

The Problem: Eating healthy sounds a lot more simple than it actually is. Case in point: We all know how easy to offset a day’s worth of exercise with just a couple slices of pizza. Throw in all the tempting options in the cafeteria, sweet treats in the breakroom, and the convenience of fast food, and you get a perfect storm of unhealthy habits that are hard to break.

The Solution: Zipongo empowers employees to improve nutrition with solutions to make healthier food decisions. The app engages employees daily to change eating behavior through personalized nutrition tips, customized meal plans and structured recipes based on individual needs. Unique features include creating recipes based on at-home ingredients, Instacart delivery, and the ability to connect to meal kit delivery services. Zipongo learns about the individual through a NutriQuiz nutritional assessment, yielding thoughtful recommendations for the user.

Classpass: Off-site Fitness Classes

The Problem: Engaging remote employees can be hard to manage, and even harder to track. They want access to a gym and classes that are convenient to their location. Plus, for traveling employees, you want to give them an option to work out, no matter where they are.

The Solution: Classpass gives employees credits to take off-site fitness classes at hundreds of studios across the country. Classpass credits are allocated to employees and can be redeemed for different types of fitness classes, from yoga to Pilates to CrossFit, at times and locations convenient to them. Classpass is a great alternative to the corporate gym membership because unused Classpass credits can be rolled over from one month to the next. Typical classes/open gym costs range between 2-10 credits. These credits are great for remote employees, traveling employees, or can be used as incentives for wellness challenges.

Whil: Mindfulness and Resilience Training

The Problem: No one wants stressed-out, sleepless employees. But in today’s always-on work culture, that’s where we all too often end up. Fortunately, Fitspot partnered with a comprehensive wellness training program to provide your employees with an antidote to everyday stress and anxiety.

The Solution: Whil is a digital platform that provides goal-based resilience training to help employees get healthier and happier. The platform allows employees to pick guided meditations based on mood, length of session, and the meditation expert. Unique features include a tracking deck that illustrates how many minutes you have invested in your meditation as well as mediation “streaks” that show how many consecutive days of participation. Whil features 250+ science-based digital programs for mindfulness, sleep, emotional intelligence skills and more, and has been proven to help employees reduce stress while improving their performance. Whil is mobile and web-based.

Sweetch: Chronic Disease Management

The Problem: Six in 10 Americans live with at least one chronic disease. Considering the workplace is a sedentary place, it’s hard to eliminate risk factors such as physical activity and nutritional health. 

The Solution: Sweetch is an Artificial Intelligence-based platform for large scale prediction, prevention and outcome improvement of chronic diseases – specifically diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and obesity. Sweetch starts with machine learning predictions to calculate an individual’s diabetes risk and offers personalized recommendations based on real-world behavior. Sweetch’s algorithm changes with the user over time, so as employees progress, so do their messages (such as motivational texts that report progress) and goals from the app. Sweetch includes a smart scale that employees keep at home, and can be used for the entire family.

FitSnap: Non-Invasive Health Assessments

The Problem: Of course, a fully comprehensive health program needs to assess people’s true health status, risks included. But with remote employees, varying shift work, and the time involved in biometric screenings, an in-person health assessment isn’t always possible.

The Solution: Fitsnap is an online HRA (health risk assessment) that captures an employee’s lifestyle health through proprietary technology. The non-invasive assessment option uses a questionnaire and physical measurements. Employees instantly receive a tangible lifestyle report highlighting risks, personalized exercise and nutrition recommendations. FitSnap tracks variables over time, so employees can assess their progress and make sure they’re staying on the right path toward better health. Fitsnap helps monitor individual progress as well as the health of the company.

Enrich: Financial Wellness

The Problem: According to a report by the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation, 30 million workers are distracted from work due to financial stress. This can take a toll on businesses.

The Solution: Enrich creates workplace financial wellness programs tailored toward employee’s needs. Enrich is dedicated to improving financial capability and empowers employees to make effective decisions about personal finance, student loans, budgets, mortgages, and more. Video-based and interactive courses are led by financial experts and include how to understand taxes, how to use a 401K, what to do with student loans, how to save money, and more.

Sworkit: Virtual Workouts

The Problem: Although we offer a ton of on-site fitness classes for your employees, sometimes there are inevitable scheduling conflicts that get in the way. Or maybe someone simply prefers to work out on their own. How do you help those folks get fitter?

The Solution: Sworkit features online workout videos that make it easy for employees to work out, any time, anywhere, in as little as five minutes. Employees have access to hundreds of pre-defined workout videos and workout plans, so they can customize. Choose the kind of workout and the amount of time, then Sworkit provides a full fitness routine.

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