What are your daily thought patterns? Do your thought patterns match the narrative you tell yourself and the one you tell others? Are these two stories contradictory?

Score your internal and external dialogue on a scale of 0% (Nothing Good Happens) to 100% (Excellent – Life is Always Changing for the Best). (This score includes dialogue about yourself and others). How did you come out?

It is easy to mistakenly contradict what we really want. It can also correspond to self-sabotage. We may say we want one thing, but internally we do not believe it will happen. Or, we may believe that it will require significant sacrifice. The question is, how will something manifest if the primary belief is that it won’t? Inside all of us exists one life essential – the truth. Thought impacts speech, speech impacts action and action impacts reality.

As a health and wellness professional, I have worked with people over the years who have unintentionally created progress blocks for themselves due to limiting beliefs they have either created or held onto over the course of their lives. These limiting beliefs have the potential to result in drastic deviations from whatever the desired result is. However, the great thing is, these limiting beliefs (once identified) can be changed!

We all have goals, dreams, and aspirations in different areas of our lives (some areas may be more prevalent than others). All my life I have been the person that had goals for everything, even in my teenage years. Then life happened…

At 17 years young, I was in a car wreck that left me near death. I was unable to do many things I took for granted (mobility – walking, using my left arm, standing, being pain free, going to school, eating on my own, etc.) I decided that night (at the scene of the accident) while waiting for someone, anyone to stop and help me – that I was up for the challenge. I decided I would come out of the situation on top.

I affirmed out loud: “I do not care if I lose leg, this situation happened to me for a reason and my life has a greater purpose.” I knew, even at 17, that I had what I needed to make it through that experience and come out with a new sense of resilience, strength, and an experience to share with others for the rest of my life. Sure, I had goals I wanted to accomplish from school to sports to college to career. To the outside world my accident halted these goals. But it did not.

I adapted an internal dialogue that matched the story I told the world. I went on to exceed the doctor’s projection and accomplish everything I set out to do before the wreck. I was strong enough because I was worthy enough. I deserved to make it through – not because other people would later tell me I did, but because I told myself I did. And the truth is, we all can tell ourselves we deserve the best, believe it and achieve it.

Everyone is unique and we all have distinguishably different life paths to help reach conceptualization of our internal power.

Our inner and outer dialogue shape our external reality. Perception is everything. Think about it like this, you say you want to work out in a group setting that supports community, conditioning and progress towards your goals, but your primary thoughts and words about group fitness are that it is too hard and you will embarrass yourself. What is the likelihood that a sense of fear and anxiety about an experience you have never had, has been created?

It may be a difficult and thorny journey, yet the gift that we give to ourselves when we change that dialogue opens doors of wonder. First and foremost, we must show up for ourselves.

Think about a goal you set for yourself in relation to your health and wellness. Try the activity below as a health check on your dialogue about your goals, tasks, opportunities, relationships, etc.

Try this exercise: Health Check on Dialogue


*Is it time for a change? Make a commitment to yourself to implement one change OR new thing/affirmation/action to your day, today, that will move you closer to bridging the gap between the desired outcome you have and your actual thought/belief pattern on the subject. (Remember, this activity is for entertainment purposes and does not replace professional services or support).*

Reminders for the Journey to Mastering Your Dialogue:

  • Be Reliable for Yourself – Show Up for Yourself
  • Master Your Perception
  • Embrace Your Path
  • Be Patient with Yourself
  • Recognize & Speak the Truth within You
  • Take Action that Supports Your Wellbeing


How do you show up for yourself? Be patient with and reliable to yourself first. Acknowledge and embrace minor speed bumps that pop up along the way, BUT TRUST yourself and KNOW that you internally have what you need to gracefully go over them and leave them behind. As you navigate through experiences, speak from your authentic voice, the voice that thrives on the truth about you and your potential. You have the power to decide, commit and take action to bring about change.

Mastering your dialogue requires a long-term commitment and effort. But, the rewards in that continual investment in the self, have the potential to reach exponential dividends.

Next Steps (What You Can Do Today):

  • Implement one behavior change that is consistent with moving you towards your desired outcome.
  • Replace one limiting belief you speak regularly with the affirmative (positive) version.
    • For example, replace “it is so hard to workout, I will never get where I want to be” with “I appreciate the progress I have made with showing up to workout. I know that my consistency produces results that support my highest good.”
  • BE SUPPORTIVE/AVAILABLE to someone else – Actively show up for others with love and optimism (pay it forward). Remember at some point(s) in your life, other people showed up to help and support you.

And by the way, I did what I said I would: within 3 months of my wreck I was up on both feet walking and wearing heels to my graduation as one of the valedictorians. Since then I have a profound sense of strength or Always know that the choice is yours, which dialogue will you believe? The one that supports you or the one that defeats you?

About the Author:

Courtney McWaine 


Instagram: @FitCoachCourt

My name is Courtney and I have been a Health and Wellness Coach for the last 5 years! I provide tools and support to my clients to drive behavioral and mindset changes to exceed their health and wellness goals safely. Prior to pursuing a career in the Health and Wellness industry, I spent over 6 years in Supply Chain Operations as an Operations Manager building high performing autonomous teams.

Several years ago, I was in a catastrophic automobile accident that stripped me of my ability to do things that I at the time took for granted, like walking and training. I channeled what we all have within us, perseverance, resilience and strength to push through my recovery. The strength and fight that I pulled from all started with my thoughts and choosing to have a positive attitude!

It is because of this life-changing experience that I have the passion to help other people overcome as well through public speaking and fitness coaching. I know what it is like to be in a position where I had to rebuild on everything that I knew.

Life happens to all of us, so I choose to create a positive and uplifting experience for my clients. I pride myself on innovation and helping people break out of the plateau they may be in, or simply create an atmosphere so those that want to kick up their training a few notches can, in some new creative, challenging and fun ways!


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