While it’s important for the higher-ups to accept the idea of a wellness program for your organization, acceptance isn’t enough. You need a wholehearted buy-in from the leadership of your company in order to make the program a success.

How do you get everyone from the top down to get on board with your new wellness program? Give them a few reasons why the program will not just benefit your employees, but also the company as a whole— including the bottom line.

Reason #1: It’s Good for Business

When an organization fully participates in a wellness program, there’s a major impact on the business’s healthcare expenses. In fact, businesses with a well-structured wellness program have seen up to a 60% difference in preventative-care usage between members participating in the program and those who opt out.

Better yet, a survey found that  three-quarters of employers who support and implement a workplace health wellness program say that they found the impact to be most positive in three key areas:

  • Workers’ health— 83.6% improvement
  • Workers’ performance and productivity— 83.3%
  • Overall healthcare costs— 73.6%

Yes, you read that right– a huge number of participating organizations experienced a reduction in health care costs, particularly when the program has set clearly-defined goals and the execution of the program is consistent. Stopping and starting the program over and over again won’t get you or your employees the results you desire, so be sure that you’ve got the company leadership’s wholehearted support before you roll out the program.


Reason #2: Your Employees Prefer It

A study found that three out of five employees preferred their employers to play a more active role in improving the wellness of the organization as a whole. In other words, if YOU participate, THEY’LL participate. This trickle-down effect will benefit the work that your employees produce as well as decrease your health care claims. Creating a culture of wellness starts at the top; if you want to reap the benefits that go along with a wellness program, you’re going to need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Your organization’s leaders might need a little time to let the idea sink in, but most leaders are interested in their employees’ happiness and well-being. When they realize that everyone will be happier and, best of all, healthier when they opt into the wellness program, it’s likely they’ll hop on the wagon.


Reason #3: Healthy Workers are More Productive

Do you see a lot of absenteeism in your workforce due to illness? If you do, you’re not alone. The US economy saw a loss of $2 billion in 2016 thanks to employees missing work due to illness or injury. Implementing a wellness program that offers health risk assessments, as well as scheduled workout opportunities, will improve the health of your workforce, nipping absenteeism in the bud.

When you stop high cholesterol, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, or obesity before they become truly serious, there will not only be fewer missed days of work due to sickness or doctor’s appointments, but you’ll also boost your workforce’s energy level.

That’s right— your team will be more present AND more productive. Exercise will improve the body’s blood flow to the brain, increasing the level of alertness. (No need for your employees to stop and take a mid-afternoon caffeine hit to get through the rest of the day.) Additionally, the boost of endorphins that exercise provides will reduce stress, enabling workers to focus fully on the task at hand.


Reason #4: Wellness Programs Improve Employee Retention

Hiring is an arduous task, particularly when you’re replacing an employee who has performed well throughout their time with the organization, but has decided to move on.

When a wellness program is implemented, it incorporates a culture of wellbeing that works its way throughout the workforce. An emphasis on health and wellness from the top down will leave employees feeling that they’re a priority, which takes voluntary attrition levels from 15% to 9%. Healthy employees are happy employees, and happy employees stay with the company long-term.

Encouraging the C-Level leadership to buy in is just the first step toward building a wellness program that will improve the health and well-being of your whole organization. Need some help determining what the next steps should be? Fitspot can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.




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