Wellness in the workplace takes many forms—physical, mental, emotional and now, financial.

Fitspot is proud to announce a new approach to financial wellness through our partners at Enrich, the market leader for online financial wellness. We’re providing the tools you need to help you make smart money decisions in the present that will prepare you for your future. Whether you or your employees are just starting out, growing families, buying houses, investing, or thinking of retirement, Fitspot’s Financial Wellness Program was designed to help guide those important fiscal decisions every step of the way.

By providing employees with financial guidance, employers can expect to increase engagement, improve retirement statistics, decrease medical costs, and more. Through Fitspot’s Financial Wellness Management Tool, uses can access content that is engaging, easy to understand and effortless to navigate. Offerings include:

One-Click Simplicity

Employees register and receive a pre-populated, personalized Enrich Financial Wellness experience through Fitspot’s Wellness Management Tool with one click.

Financial Wellness Courses

Interactive, video-based courses engage employees on key money management core competencies with automatic assessments, multimedia exercises, badge awards, and much more!

Powerful, Real-Time Reports

Powerful reports, metrics, and insights let you closely track and measure the efficacy of our platform, with the ability to drill down from a system-wide scale all the way to the individual user. Reports are secure and easily exported and synced with other systems.

Live Webinars

Broadcast in HD, webinars are hosted by money and finance experts and feature interactive Q&A, polling, and more.

Personalized Content

Driven by our proprietary algorithms, the Enrich user profile delivers recommended and relevant learning experiences, educating the right user at the right time.

Enrich TV

View a growing collection of personal finance videos that are available in HD and SD for on-demand viewing, featuring real life interviews with real people with real life financial experience.


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