Earth Day is coming up on April 22 – more than 1 billion people in 192 countries now take part in what is considered the largest civic-focused day of action in the world. April is a great excuse to plan ideas around Earth Day in the workplace. For properties specifically, being green is important. The commercial and residential industry accounts for 22 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions

Here are some ideas to celebrate Earth Day in the workplace. Plan these activities all month long – not only will they make you feel well, but you’ll impact the environment too! And don’t forget, you should promote all of these activities digitally to save paper! And for more tips on how to go green, check out this list

Compete To Go Green

Challenge departments or tenants against each other with Earth Day-themed competitions. With Fitspot, our technology allows you to log and track competition results.

A few competition ideas:

  • Recycling

Track how many materials your community can recycle. Add recycling bins to a lobby or common space, and encourage people to log their recycling through an app or a digital iPad set up in front of the bins.

  • Commute to Work

Encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint by choosing an alternative commute option. Whether they carpool, bike, walk, or take public transportation, it has an impact on the environment. Keep track and give the top commuters a prize.

  • Trash Clean Up

Send people outside (or even inside the building) with a trash bag and challenge them to pick up as much trash as they can. Set the clock for time and make it a race to see who can fill their bag up the quickest.

Host an Eco-Friendly Workshop

Invite an expert to shed light on important issues impacting the environment, or to share tips on how to be more sustainable. One such workshop Fitspot hosts is called “Reduce Your Carbon Footprint” where people will receive actionable tips to live more sustainably. Turn the workshop into a lunch-n-learn and offer non-GMO options for lunch.

Get Outside

There are a handful of benefits in the workplace when people get outside, and an outdoor fitness class is a perfect time to move your workout outside. Fitspot can help find the right space, whether a courtyard or public park, to host your workout. With longer daylight hours, everyone will appreciate more Vitamin D and sunshine.

Bring a Locally-Sourced Farmers Market On-Site

If you can’t fund a weekly farmers market, the month of April or at least Earth Day is the perfect time to splurge. Bring a group of locally-sourced farmers on-site to host a pop-up market, selling foods locally grown in the area. The impacts of locally-sourced foods are sometimes touted to be better than organic: they often retain more nutrients and reduce CO2 emissions.

Play in the Dirt

Plant a tree, create a terrarium, design a bouquet – these are all ways to have a little fun with plants and flex people’s creativity. Set up a booth in a common space, supply the materials, and allow people to display their creations at their desk. If there’s a space to plant trees outdoors, consider donating a tree on behalf of your company.

Blend Essential Oils  

Essential oils are extracted from plants and are touted as a holistic way to relieve stress, and are an eco-friendly way to make a room more fragrant. Fitspot’s essential oil station is a hands-on experience where you’ll learn about the different properties of oils and how to blend different types together to fit your mood. The best part of the station is, you get to make your own roller to keep!

‘Take the Bottle’ Juice Bar

Generally at Fitspot’s juice bars, we offer sample cups of juice. For our Earth Day themed juice bar, we’ll be giving away the entire bottle, plus an environmentally-friendly tote to go with it. Here’s what to expect at a Fitspot juice bar.

With Fitspot, we plan themed events that focus on wellness in the workplace. Contact us to find out more about how we can bring wellness to you!

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