Yoga is an ancient practive that originally began in India over 5,000 years ago. But in the last few decades, yoga has moved into the mainstream, revolutionizing the fitness world. Without a doubt, yoga bestows tons of mind-body benefits upon practitioners. But did you know it can also benefit your business?

Hosting a regular yoga class at your company can help your employees beat stress, improve focus, and reduce symptoms of sitting all day. Because of all these benefts (that you can reap after just one class!), yoga’s benefits can greatly improve your business’s bottom line, no matter what industry you’re in. 

How Does This Help Your Business? 

Less Stress

Stress is a big productivity killer. Its effects can range from slight mental duress to major physical ailments and pain. Because yoga incorporates mindfulness and light exercise, it effectively helps your employees feel, and in turn work, better.

Improved Focus
Yoga is unlike any other exercise, due in large part to its focus on breathing and meditation. While these two factors are often credited for relieving stress, they also boost concentration and focus. This is due to yoga’s ability to help the mind silence stresses, worries, and loud of obtrusive work environments. Yoga for focus can be a great mid-day activity when employees may be finding it hard to concentrate.

Fewer Aches and Pains
Yoga is proven to aid in improving physical pain associated with many ailments from mild to even chronic conditions. This is exceptionally beneficial as, along with stress, pain from conditions or regular aches and soreness can cause interruptions and distraction from work. Luckily, simple yoga practices can help alleviate physical symptoms, allowing the focus back to work and productivity.    

Boosts Mood 
The mindfulness that yoga teaches doesn’t only benefit ailments, stress, and concentration. It also helps to improve positivity and morale—both of which are crucial in the work environment. When your employees are happy and have a positive attitude, they’re more likely to collaborate and maximize productivity. Additionally, positivity can also be a big creativity booster, which is perfect for an agency that offers creative services like writing and design. 

Increases Energy

After sitting and working for hours on end, employees may hit a wall. Sure, coffee can help in the short term, but leads to the familiar and awful crash, which only makes exhaustion worse. This creates fatigue, which greatly inhibits productivity and morale. Yoga, however, is a much better solution for the afternoon slump. Studies show that breaking up extended periods of sitting with simple ro light stretching improves blood flow, circulation, and increases energy along the way.


Fitspot Brings Yoga to Work!

Fitspot is a proud provider of yoga services to companies like NCR, Tinder, Johnson & Johnson, Livestrong, Buzzfeed, and many others. What benefits do these companies gain by working with us? Customized workout plans, employee progress tracking, and on-demand training, just to name a few.

If you’re ready to bring yoga to your business and enhance productivity, improve your bottom line, and simply create a better place to work, then let Fitspot help you get started today!



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