The term “Freshman 15” is an expression commonly used that refers to an amount (15 pounds) of weight gained during a student’s first year at college.  It is estimated that one in four freshman will gain at least 5% of their body weight during their first semester.

While this term is referencing college students, the reasons for weight gain are similar later in life.  Once we recognize the “why’s” for weight gain, we can address the ways to avoid it.

Why it’s easier to gain weight at work:

Conference Room Gatherings


Sitting at a desk for too long



About Jennifer Zappola

Jennifer is a Certified Personal Trainer, 2nd Degree Black Belt in Seido Karate and a Living Kidney Donor (8.14.18). Prior to being a fitness professional, I spent close to 20 years in Corporate America. I understand long hours, lunch at my desk, conference birthday celebrations and Thursday night happy hours! She has lived and worked in both NYC and Hamptons, and provides in-person and online training. Jennifer is a certified boxing and kettlebell instructor.


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