For the month of October, we’re focusing on #FeelWell here at Fitspot as part of our Be Well Series. 

The weather is cooling down and it seems like we can finally walk outside without breaking a sweat. With the change in temps comes the flu season. There’s more than just flu shots to think about. Holistic treatments offer an alternative.

The days are getting shorter, and that makes the need to get out during the day even more important because the sun is setting when the workday ends. How your office and building use space, both indoors and outdoors, is key to employee and tenant happiness.

Don’t worry, Fitspot is giving you a roadmap for success throughout the month, focusing on how you can help your tenants and employees to #FeelWell. Check back on our blog to learn:

  • Wellness amenities and spaces that will appeal to your tenants and employees.
  • Ways to improve mindfulness.
  • How to utilize property space when you don’t have a gym.
  • What tenants and employees can do to feel good physically – at their desk and on the move.
  • How to stay ahead of the curve for this year’s flu season.
  • The latest holistic health benefits.

Need help implementing these tips in your workplace or property?


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