As market leaders in the workplace wellness industry, we’re highly aware that corporate wellness programs can sometimes get a bad rep. Employees may think the activities are just another “to-do” to add to their already-packed schedules, or they may not be fully comfortable with the idea of sweating alongside their coworkers. 

We get it. That’s why we’ve researched and put into practice tried-and-true methods to encourage employee engagement in wellness activities. These tips can help promote wellness programs as beneficial and positive perks in the workplace, rather than yet another task to add to their workday.

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8 Ways Fitspot Maximizes Employee Participation:

1. Gauge employees’ interests.
Fitspot provides a user-friendly Typeform survey for clients to send to your employees before we design our custom programming. The survey determines exactly what kind of health and wellness offerings workers want by gauging metrics such as how often they exercise, their dietary habits, preferred workouts, and what health topics they want to learn more about. That way, we know our programs are personalized for your employees’ interests, and in turn, they’ll be more likely to be excited about the offerings.   

2. Make introductions.

With all clients, Fitspot will kick off our partnership with an on-site Meet ‘n Greet, where your employees can chat with our FitExperts, take a health assessment, and try out services such as a chair massage or yoga class.  

3. Bring services on-site.

Asking employees to go off-site for a workout class, massage service, or educational workshop leads to significant drops in attendance. That’s why Fitspot brings everything you need to run programs to your office, and figures out all the logistics for delivery and storage for you. If you don’t have a lot of room on-site, that’s OK—we can find a nearby space, such as a park or gym, to use for our services.

4. Be flexible.

Variety is the spice of life. Maybe after a couple weeks of high-intensity bootcamps, your employees burn out and want to try yoga instead. Or perhaps they want to create a run club, but when winter weather arrives, no one wants to jog in the freezing temps. With FitCoins, you can adjust your programming to provide the variety your team craves.

5. Join in the fun.

When higher-ups at companies participate in wellness programs and challenges, there’s a positive trickle-down effect, and everyone in the company gets more excited to get involved.

6. Post on social media.

Snap photos at workouts and other events and share on your company’s social media platforms and/or bulletin boards. This helps promote the activities and fun ways to get to know your coworkers (and get in better shape at the same time)! Don’t forget to tag us @fitspotwellness and hashtag #fitspotted.

7. Get competitive.

A little friendly competition can go a long way. On Fitspot’s wellness portal, we make it easy for our clients to kick off company-wide health challenges (like taking 10,000 steps or drinking eight glasses of water per day). This also helps build camaraderie between teams. Plus, offering rewards for the winning individuals or teams further incentivizes engagement.  

8. Provide options.

No matter how motivating and fun our workouts are, we know that not everyone wants to exercise at work. And that’s OK. To make sure all employees have opportunity to engage, we create custom wellness content that employees can consume on their own time. An example of our offerings:

  • Tune-In Tuesdays: 15-minute online wellness segments led by industry specialists on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month
  • FitNews: a monthly newsletter featuring seasonal recipes, wellness tips, and health trends
  • Blog posts: We write about timely health news and tips regularly on the blog, which employees can access through the portal.

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