When you partner with Fitspot, we become your official external wellness coordinator. That means we’ll rock the logistics, coordination, and communication it takes to get your employees excited and engaged in workplace wellness programs.

kickoff-day.pngTo launch our Fit-partnership on the right foot, we start with a Kickoff Day at your company’s office. The goal of the Kickoff Day is to get employees excited and familiarize them with everything Fitspot has to offer—including fitness classes, massages, health screenings, and our technology portal.

To accomplish that, we’ll do a mini presentation to explain who we are, what we do, and talk about the programming specific to that company. Say your company signed up for yoga classes once a week, for example. We’ll introduce the instructor, let everyone know exactly when and where the classes will be held, and of course, we’ll make sure that everyone, no matter their fitness level, feels welcome!

We’ll also hand out Fitspot swag (who doesn’t like free stuff?!), answer any questions they might have, encourage portal sign-ups, and pass out the upcoming month’s calendar.

Here, a few more keys for a successful kickoff:

kickoff-swag.png1. Giveaways galore

Did we mention free stuff? We’ll bring Fitspot-branded stress balls, tank tops, tote bags, water bottles, stickers, and more to give out to your employees.

2. Pick the right time and place 

We try to gather in a high-traffic area where we set up the Fitspot swag, such as a break room or lunch area. Even better: We ideally like to pick a day when you’re serving free lunch to employees, and we’ll set up in the break room or cafeteria area.

3. Portal demos

We offer mini portal demos so everyone knows exactly how to log in, sign up, RSVP for classes, register for challengers, and track their stats.

4. Make it fun!
We like to think of Kickoff Days as a party. We always have music playing, and maybe an old-school workout video playing on a video screen.

5. Invite in Wellness Champions

We ask if any wellness champions at the company want to come up and make an announcement. Maybe they’ll just want to encourage your coworkers to participate in the wellness programs, or maybe they’ll share personal anecdotes about how wellness has been an impact in their life.

6. Raffles! 

Want even more free stuff? We can hold a raffle for a high-quality water bottle, yoga mat or other fitness equipment.

Daydreaming about your own kickoff day? 




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