The WELL Building Standard has gained traction in the past few years as the first rating system aligned with implementing healthier building initiatives that support wellness. The criteria for a building to become WELL-certified consists of seven core concepts (air, water, nourishment, lighting, fitness, comfort, and mind). Fitspot is taking a page from the growing trend of green buildings, and we have added customized building construction and service-driven amenities to our robust offerings. Read on to find out how Fitspot is bringing the WELL Building Standard to properties. 


Outdoor air and indoor air can be full of pollutants that can wreak havoc on our systems on a daily basis. In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites that air pollution indoors is often between two and five times greater than outdoors, and can get at its extreme up to 100 times worse than the open air. According to the WELL Standard, buildings should have proper ventilation and air filtration systems and also encourage tenants to spend time outdoors. 

Fitspot plans to expand into outdoor spaces, constructing outdoor trails on-site for tenants to take advantage of during their lunch breaks, or leisure time. Fitspot also makes a point to host fitness classes outdoors during the spring and fall seasons in nearby parks or in the building’s community space.


The human body is comprised mostly of water, which is responsible for proper cell functioning and healthy hydration. However, common tap water can have many hidden harmful contaminants such as lead, chlorine and arsenic. This is why the WELL Standard outlines proper filtration techniques and regular water testing to ensure consistent healthy water. 

Fitspot’s partnership with FloWater, an advanced hydration refill station, utilizes seven filters to eliminate all contaminants, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. By incorporating advanced osmosis technology, it ensures that the water is remineralized, alkalized, and oxygenated for on-site healthy drinking water.  


The WELL Building Standard requires the availability of fresh, wholesome foods with limited unhealthy ingredients and encouragement of better eating habits and food culture. Certified buildings should have more fruits and vegetables readily available, visible food allergy labeling and established mindful eating spaces. 

Fitspot’s experiences encourage healthy eating with community events such as juice bar gatherings, trail mix stations, tea blending stations, kombucha happy hours, cooking demos, and nutritional workshops. Properties can hire us for buildouts that include grab and go healthy food options as well as cafes. 


Poor lighting anywhere can cause eyestrain, headaches and can create a more depressed atmosphere, whereas good lighting invokes a sense of happiness, focus and energy. The WELL certification specifies illumination guidelines and requirements based on different room types and activity tasks for better productivity and overall functioning. 

Fitspot understands the importance of natural light and its benefits, so we plan to construct conference spaces, lounges, and breakrooms that are well-lit with energy-efficient lighting paired with large windows.


The WELL certification covers the necessity for physical activity by promoting opportunities and support for an active lifestyle and discouraging sedentary behaviors. These include providing easy access to stairs, offering structured fitness opportunities, incorporating activity-based challenges, implementing physical activity spaces, providing fitness equipment, etc.

Fitspot offers a robust selection of on-site fitness classes that will keep tenants actively engaged such as circuit training, bootcamp, kickboxing and yoga. We partner with top fitness equipment vendors for gym buildouts and tie it together by adding end of trip facilities such as locker rooms and bike rooms. 


Physical comfort has reached a new level of precedence among younger generations, as engagement and productivity are heightened when people are more comfortable. WELL seeks to establish requirements designed with human comfort in mind, reducing the most common sources of physiological disruption, including ergonomics, background noise and temperature.

Fitspot offers ergonomic workshops to help tenants learn about and maximize their posture and alignment, particularly at the desks they use on a daily basis. This will help reduce stiffness, injury and poor posture that inevitably creates a domino effect on the entire body. Fitspot’s offices include flex-height and standing desks in community spaces to ensure increased comfort for our team. 


Stress levels and mindset strongly impact our sleep cycle, diet and exercise, relationships, work output and overall quality of life. WELL manages this sensitive balance by providing tenants with health and wellness awareness tools. A few examples include indoor plants and other biophilia to stimulate the connection between nature and mental well-being, and privacy spaces (for restoration of energy and focus).

Fitspot deeply understands the significance of healthy mindful practices. We offer emotional well-being workshops, meditation classes, therapeutic chair massages and essential oil blending experiences for calming effects. Our buildouts feature quiet rooms and focus rooms, which will allow for more opportunities for solid concentration and reflection. We are even planning to create nap pods so tenants can easily recharge when they have a free block of time.

Fitspot strives to be at the forefront of healthy change and we look forward to implementing these new strategies and experiences so that both employees and tenants can lead more serene and purposeful lives.

Every property space and tenant is unique, so we would love for the opportunity to tailor these new WELL experiences and build your space to fit your vision.

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