No gym? No problem! Your property doesn’t need weight machines, dumbbells or a fitness studio to give your tenants a good workout. With Fitspot, we’ll survey your building and help you get creative with your space! We’ll find the best spot that not only has the space for fitness classes but contributes a view that’s worth leaving the office.

Here’s how our clients are using their spaces including: Tinder, SnackNation, Georgia Aquarium, Esprit Marina Del Rey, The Boro Tysons, Ellison Technologies,, and Perennial Properties.

Tinder – Basketball Courts

Nestled between buildings, Tinder’s basketball court isn’t just used to shoot hoops. From circuit training to yoga, the basketball court is a definite match for fitness training. 
Check out the video from Tinder.


SnackNation – Fun Zone/Community Center

SnackNation employees take a break from work in the “fun zone,” complete with couches, games and a ping pong table. And now, Fitspot trainers use the carpeted, narrow space for circuit training, adding one more element to the “fun zone.” 
Check out the video from Tinder.

Georgia Aquarium – Tanks “Under the Sea”

It’s hard to compete with doing yoga surrounded by floor-to-wall aquariums. As Georgia Aquarium’s employees flow through gentle movements, whale sharks and colorful fish float by in the background.

Esprit Marina Del Rey – Waterfront and Poolside

The residents of Esprit Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles are lucky enough to have waterfront views of both the pool and the marina. They’ve turned their sundeck into a spot for morning yoga flow to start the day off right! Check out the video from Esprit Marina Del Rey.

The Boro Tysons – Basketball Courts

A basketball court on the roof of East Boro’s parking garage seems to put a little extra bounce in bodyweight Bootcamp classes, putting the PLAY in The Boro Tysons’ “live, work, play” community. Check out the video from The Boro Tysons.

Ellison Technologies – Showroom

When Ellison’s spacious showroom is cleared out, it provides an open space as large as any fitness studio, making it the perfect spot for gentle stretching or HIIT classes.

Check out the video from Ellison Technologies. – Rooftop

Surrounded by buildings, the rooftop at’s headquarters lets employees feel like they’re on top of the city while powering through circuit training. A bonus – during afternoon workouts it’s shaded from sun!

Perennial Properties – Rooftop

Fitspot’s own office, Telephone Factory Lofts by Perennial Properties, features a roof that offers sweeping views of the Atlanta skyline and an awning for shade on hot days. We love the space for yoga.


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Sammy is the COO and Co-Founder of Fitspot. Sammy is an attention-to-detail aficionado who brings a blend of grit and imagination to the zillions of tasks that confront every startup. She has always thrived in operations, working as a production assistant in LA and managing operations in the fashion industry. Sammy wears many hats at Fitspot, doing everything from sketching app screens to managing the customer experience. Sammy has a B.F.A. from the University of Miami, and hails from Australia.


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