There have been studies on both sides that point to the effectiveness of workplace wellness programs, and that can make you hesitant to give one a try. But the key to measuring the success of a workplace wellness program is all about asking questions and finding the tangible metrics that you can track. A solid workplace wellness program involves communicating with your employees to make sure you meet their needs, and to find out how each individual is successful. Fitspot aims to create customized wellness programs that are flexible and easy to change based on the needs of employees. You can measure your workplace wellness programs through communication, technology, and overall health status.

The first way to measure a workplace wellness program is to ask the right questions, and ask them often.


One of the sure-fire ways to find out what is working and what isn’t when it comes to your workplace wellness program is to conduct surveys. At Fitspot, we send out surveys through all phases of the customer lifecycle, starting when they are prospects. Before implementing a wellness program, we ask what wellness experiences employees want, and from there we customize to fit their needs. Then, each month we send a survey to check in with the client and their employees, so that we can ensure everyone is getting the maximum participation out of their program.

App Reporting

Technology is more ingrained in our work than ever before, and you can use it to your advantage to track participation and review analytics of your wellness programs. Fitspot’s wellness management tool features a portal for both end users and admins. Employees can sign up for classes or wellness experiences through the portal, and rate their experience after each session. Admins can track participation based on the class and instructor, and review ratings. This keeps admins on top of what classes and experiences are most successful and makes employees feel like their feedback is important.


Another way to measure the success of your workplace wellness programs is through the company’s overall health status. It’s been proven that wellness programs reduce absenteeism, lower healthcare costs and improve productivity, but how exactly do you find that out?

Biometric Health Screenings

One of the easier ways to track ROI is through biometric screenings. If your employees follow the standard guidelines and receive a biometric screening yearly, you can track their results before and after you’ve implemented a workplace wellness program. Key metrics such as BMI and cholesterol can change over time with lifestyle changes in diet and exercise, so that’s a good place to start.

Overall Healthcare Costs

It can benefit your health insurance to have a wellness program in place. But how can you track the success? You can review your workplace’s health insurances costs each year and track number of hospital or doctor’s office visits, prescription costs, and medical claims.

Fitspot can help you determine your company’s wellness goals, and will build a plan that results in a successful workplace wellness program!



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