The commercial real estate industry may be as an entity unpredictable, but each year there always stands to be a few trends that rise above the rest. From technology to spaces beyond the gym, here’s what Fitspot is predicting for CRE trends in 2019.

Tenant Experience

The CRE industry is competitive, and now more than ever, properties need more than just a gym. The modern workforce is looking for community, and properties need to differentiate themselves. With co-working spaces popping up more and more in key markets, property managers are tasked with competing with this demand and seeking a better tenant experience.   Find out what tenants want through surveys, and then provide the environment that will promote a positive well-being. Fitspot’s robust offerings span from fitness training to juice bars, massages to educational workshops, so properties can customize wellness amenities for any generation or industry.

Coworking Everywhere

The boom of coworking is not going anywhere, and urban development continues to be planned around these spaces, where small companies or individual entrepreneurs can sign on to work in a shared office space. The huge draw here is the sense of community, with coworking spaces including amenities that appeal to tenants, such as fitness classes, showers, free coffee and more. According to the“2019 Commerical Real Estate Property” report by Deloitte, over half of the report’s survey sample aims to invest or increase investments in properties with flexible leases, and 44 percent plan to do so for flexible spaces. In fact, coworking is now even creeping into the hospitality industry and showing up at hotels.


PropTech is the new turn of phrase for the rapidly-growing field of technology in the CRE space. BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) International’s report “Commercial Real Estate Technology Trends” predicts that owners and asset managers can profit from property technology. And stay ahead of the curve – early adoption is key to draw in tenants before they go somewhere else. When looking for a technology partner, look for one that integrates with other building services. Fitspot’s wellness management tool features a dashboard of all wellness services in one location, and it can sync with existing property management software.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

In BOMA’s report, more than half of CRE professionals expect artificial intelligence/machine learning and drone technologies to have a significant or profound impact on the future of the industry. In the real estate space, virtual reality can come in the form of virtually viewing property space or amenities. For AI, professionals are expecting that “this type of data science bears the potential to make sense of patterns, uncover hidden insights, and give CRE executives a continued, sustained advantage over their competition.” It may not happen in 2019, but the future of Fitspot is a “fit spot” – a wellness amenity space that encompasses many elements of wellness into a designated space. Think of a space decked out with living plants, essential oil diffusers, a nap pod, yoga mat, meditation space, TRX bands, and more.

Looking to add wellness amenities to your property for 2019? Request a demo to find out how Fitspot can customize wellness experiences for your property!


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