Employers: you may have been told that healthy employees are one of the most significant factors when thinking about improving work productivity and satisfaction. When your employees have poor health, whether from illness or injury, healthcare costs suffer. So how can you encourage employees to get active? Add movement!

Even in small increments, movement can make a huge difference. Here are four ways to be active in the workplace.

1. Encourage employees to take their breaks

When employees are constantly under tight deadlines, sometimes they feel the need to skip lunch breaks. Lunch breaks are a great time to step away from work, so encourage employees to move during breaks. Include directions to nearby walking trails or easy instructions to access the on-site gym, if your office has one. Employers: Take your breaks as well. Employees are more likely to take exercise breaks themselves if they see their boss doing the same.

2. Offer healthy office perks

People are more likely to exercise together at work if the right equipment is on hand. If you’re encouraging lunchtime yoga, have mats and blocks readily available. Another idea? Buy healthy lunches for team meetings. Most companies provide unhealthy lunches or have an on-site vending machine with unhealthy snacks like chips or candy. This leaves employees feeling sluggish throughout the day, with no energy. You can better these choices by changing up the options available, such as FloWater, a purified water refill station that can be brought into any office. (And they’re a partner of Fitspot!) During the afternoon slump, rally employees for an on-site juice bar or kombucha happy hour. This is a great alternative to unhealthy snacks and vending machines!

3. Build accountability

Community within the workplace is important. Rallying employees to get together to go to the on-site gym or fitness classes creates a great workplace culture. Consider hosting a challenge for employees to compete against each other. A few ideas include step challenges, plank holds, etc., which encourage team bonding. Fitspot offers low impact group fitness classes during lunch, such as yoga and pilates. This not only allows employees to step away from their computers for a while, but they won’t break a sweat.

4. Implement a wellness program

Now that your office is exercising together, how do you keep it going? A wellness program is a great first step! Dedicate an available space for fitness (even if you don’t have a gym, Fitspot can help) to bring in instructors for lunch breaks and make workouts a little easier to get to. Fitspot offers on-site, certified trainers for group fitness classes such as kickboxing, yoga and pilates to meet your company’s needs!


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