When it’s cold and gray outside, no one actually wants to get all bundled up to go to the gym—let alone run outside in freezing temperatures. The good news? You don’t have to even go to the gym to fit in a cardio workout. All you need is a little bit of space and your body, or a jump rope and set of stairs if they’re available.

The quick cardio bursts listed below are a great way to bring up your heart rate, burn calories, and help improve your cardiovascular health. Plus, they’re a natural way to warm up on cold winter days.

2-Week Challenge: Cardio Bursts

Choose your level and challenge yourself to complete the workout listed below every day for two weeks. Try to perform each movement at a medium intensity—aim for a slightly higher intensity than a leisurely walk or bike ride. If you ever feel short of breath, slow down your pace or take a longer rest period.


December Workout.png


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