Pack in a power lunch that’s better than a kale and quinoa salad!

Maximize the time you have during your workday and take advantage of the cooler temps in fall weather when you take your lunch break outside for a short workout. Fitspot’s workplace wellness program includes access to partner app Sworkit, an app that features guided workout plans and custom workout playlists to fit the time that you need.

Fitspot team member Alexa runs through a quick total body, dynamic circuit routine that you can easily do during your lunch break, before or after work. The bonus about this workout is that you don’t need any equipment. If you can, find a bench to use for moves such as tricep dips, toe touches and step ups. Get creative with your space and modify any moves if needed.  You can follow along on the Sworkit playlist here.


The warm-up aims to get your heart rate up and muscles warm for the main workout.

Front kicks [20 total]

Front Kicks

Toe touches to bench [20 total]

toe touches

Skaters in place [20 total]


Star jumps [10 total]

Main Workout

For the main workout, we alternate a core exercise between every strength workout to give your body a chance to recover between moves.

Incline Push Ups [15 total]

push ups

Core: Bird Dog [20 total, alternate opposite arm and leg]

Tricep Dips [15 total]

tricep dips

Core: Steam Engine [20 total, alternate opposite knee to elbow]

steam engine

Step Ups onto Bench [20 total, alternate legs each time]

Core: Mountain Climbers [20 total]

mountain climbers

Split Squats or Lunges [20 total, work one leg then switch to the other leg]

split squat

Core: Windmill [20 total, alternate each side]


Repeat 2-3 times, depending on the amount of time you have!


There’s no better move than a plank. Not only does it work your core, but it works your back, shoulders, arms, and glutes. Challenge yourself to hold for 1 minute, increasing the time by 15 seconds every time you complete the workout. For assistance, plank on a bench. Add in side planks for a challenge!

Plank Hold [60 seconds up to as long as you can hold it]




All photos were taken by Gabi Valladares.


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