You may not believe it, but Generation Z – anyone born after 1996 – has entered the workforce. With 61 million people in this generation, they’re overtaking the size of both Generation X and baby boomers. Gen Z has grown up with technology in the palm of their hand, and studies have shown that they will make a significant impact on the workforce.

Gen Z is very savvy with technology – in fact, 82% of this generation believe social media is a valuable tool in the workplace. Their downfall? Some hiring managers fear they may lack the simple soft skills that other generations possess, such as time management, self-confidence, and the ability to accept and learn from criticism.

For HR managers, training will be drastically different in the office since they simply do not have the social interaction skills needed in the workplace such as teamwork and communication. These simple skills have been downplayed for this generation as they grew up being told the most important asset when landing a successful job is being able to work and excel with modern technology.

With Gen Z entering the workforce, the line between work and life could fade. They’re predicted to change the paradigm of the employer and employee relationship. They value an overall work experience on a day-to-day basis. For instance, they will want a way to break up the day, and they’ll want a job that meets both their culture desires as well as work needs.

The hiring process will rely on marketing open job positions by highlighting company culture centered around well-being and driven by innovative technology.

Gen Z is looking for a place that has evolved tech-wise, although they do not want to be just a number. They are goal driven, as they want to be beneficial to the company – but they also want to be noticed for their accomplishments.

As an HR manager, here are two ways you can meet the needs of Gen Z:

  1. Use and prioritize technology when recruiting. Using this type of recruiting – such as online pre-employment assessment tests and Skype interviews – to show you are evolving into the digital age.
  2. Focus on customer experience. Even though Gen Z has grown up in the digital age, they crave (and need) face-to-face interaction. Wellness programs and paid time off were ranked high on the list when Gen Z was asked what kind of experiences they were looking for in a company.

Fitspot can meet the needs of Generation Z with:

  1. Group fitness classes – Fitspot provides on-site group fitness classes to both properties and companies. On-site fitness classes appeal to this generation because of the direct communication and community with coworkers, as well as the convenience of the classes.
  2. Mental wellness classes – Today’s workplace is stressful. Mental health is as important is ever, and Gen Z is aware of this. Fitspot’s educational workshops such as “How to Handle Stress”, “Combatting Burnout,” and “Meditation 101” will appeal to this generation.
  3. Financial learning– Gen Z grew up during the 2008 recession, and they saw their parents struggling with finances. Because of this, they are more aware of the value of a dollar. Fitspot partners with Enrich to provide employees access to financial literacy webinars, workshops and interactive games.
  4. Trending holistic wellness – Gen Z is trendy no doubt, and they’re interested in natural remedies. Essential oils have become very popular as a way to treat headaches, stress, and sleep management without the use of medicine. Another trend for healthy nutrition? Fitspot’s kombucha happy hours. Kombucha is the perfect picture of both – health and popularity!!

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